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  1. You're another one - been here 10 years and no one has ever left you a comment :(

  2. I miss yer little bald head...phucker.

  3. What color flip flops are you wearing to the George Michael concert tonight?

  4. Does this taste like spit to you?

  5. Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday...old man .
  6. UAW vs. Japan

    Did a union ever force march your parent/grandparent a few hundred miles and machete them if they couldn't keep up? Japan would've made us slaves if they'd won WWII. Looks like they'll eventually accomplish their goals thanks to you ricers running around in your POS Honda and Yodas.
  7. Friday Night Poker

    gg all. Got lucky at the end. Still not sure why I couldn't see chip counts. I'll post my info over on the Money for nothing forum.
  8. So I hear...

    Remember when you run to make a left and then another left. Cops are trained to make a right and the next right to find you. I'm just saying is all...
  9. Anybody watching this Live Earth Concert?

    Al Gore losing an election and his pothead fokker son creates the 1.21 jigawatts of power I need.
  10. Technology is awesome !

    Don't worry...I believe Phil Collins singing today is still worse for the environment.
  11. Technology is awesome !

    Is this where I laugh at the SUV?
  12. Huddler Mechanics

    It was sad and depressed the way the car market has turned out with a bunch of ugly people driving ugly foreign cars that all look alike and have no flair or style.
  13. Twiley's kid on the way!

  14. That guy....

    When I was a kid, I would've stolen the cones, not just knocked them down. Danged pansy kids today.
  15. My Year Has Been Made!

    I've hated most music since the 80's, but Jimmy Eat World gets a big from me. They do rock.