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  1. I miss yer little bald head...phucker.

  2. What color flip flops are you wearing to the George Michael concert tonight?

  3. Blondes in Black Cars

    4 minutes 12 seconds of chicks in Corvettes...don't bang yer head off
  4. No pr0n on Sony. I think it's a win for VHS over Beta HD-DVD over Blu-Ray.
  5. Does this taste like spit to you?

  6. Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday...old man .
  7. UAW vs. Japan

    Did a union ever force march your parent/grandparent a few hundred miles and machete them if they couldn't keep up? Japan would've made us slaves if they'd won WWII. Looks like they'll eventually accomplish their goals thanks to you ricers running around in your POS Honda and Yodas.
  8. Friday Night Poker

    gg all. Got lucky at the end. Still not sure why I couldn't see chip counts. I'll post my info over on the Money for nothing forum.
  9. So I hear...

    Remember when you run to make a left and then another left. Cops are trained to make a right and the next right to find you. I'm just saying is all...
  10. Anybody watching this Live Earth Concert?

    Al Gore losing an election and his pothead fokker son creates the 1.21 jigawatts of power I need.
  11. Technology is awesome !

    Don't worry...I believe Phil Collins singing today is still worse for the environment.
  12. Technology is awesome !

    Is this where I laugh at the SUV?
  13. Huddler Mechanics

    It was sad and depressed the way the car market has turned out with a bunch of ugly people driving ugly foreign cars that all look alike and have no flair or style.
  14. Twiley's kid on the way!

  15. That guy....

    When I was a kid, I would've stolen the cones, not just knocked them down. Danged pansy kids today.
  16. My Year Has Been Made!

    I've hated most music since the 80's, but Jimmy Eat World gets a big from me. They do rock.
  17. Huddler Mechanics

    You can get it fixed or fix it yourself. The head gasket is nothing but a simple piece for a few bucks. It's getting to it and dealing with the water in the engine that costs you money, but it is repairable if you love the car. I would've done it for my ole '87 Firebird my neice totaled and did replace the head gasket for the '94 Vette. It's not a cheap repair if you pay someone to do the top-end, but it's cheaper than a new car and the engine should run great afterwards. Go ahead and get the cylinder work done while he's there as well. You should get another 100k out of the engine afterwards.
  18. Just when you thought you'd heard/seen it all....

    There are black people in Kansas? :shocked:
  19. Chestnut wins hotdog eating contest!

    What more proof do you need that Chevrolet is a million times better than Honda?
  20. I can't believe that I've become this guy, but...

    He's a gawd-danged hippie. Of course, I think that music is way better than anything put out by the Dead.
  21. OK....I'll start it........

    Why does Skilly have to go and ruin it with that terrorist propaganda? Happy 4th everyone!
  22. My 4th starts out with a BANG!

    F'n Canadians and their heat in July.
  23. WSOP Updates

    Chad Brown did make a bonehead play on that hand, but the guy made 2 final tables in '05 WSOP. IIRC though, he pretty much gave away his chips once there.
  24. Personal Photo

    Mine is more of a personal drawing than a photo. I can't allow photos to rob my soul.
  25. Just for TimC

    Don't make me sleep with all yer wimmin.