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  1. Starting Lineup Controversy

    We have a 12 team pretty competitive league. Heres the controversy. This is the final week of the regular season for us. There are about five or six teams fighting for the last couple of playoff spots. One of the week 13 match ups is husband vs. wife. Yes, husband vs. wife. She is out of the playoffs with a 4-8 record. He is 7-5 and guarenteed a spot iin the playoffs with a win. She had the first draft pick this year and selected Chris Johnson. Played him every week. Now in week 13 she has benched him (CJ), claims he cost her wins in the last two weeks. The guys in the mix for the last couple of spots think its BS and she should be forced to start him. The commish sent her a note saying a few people were upset that Johnson was benched, she replied she has a right to field what ever team she thinks is best. She is starting. RB, LT @NE RB, Thomas Jones vs. DEN Flex, Jacoby Ford @SD Think i know what the feedback will be (cant prove colusion) but asking anyway... Thoughts, comments, snide remarks ???