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  1. 9 minutes ago, League_Champion said:


    Kansas City's rushing defense isn't good. The Chiefs ranked 26th in the NFL this season against the run, allowing 128.2 yards per game and a whopping 4.9 yards per carry


    According to NFL.com KC is 25th (4.3 per rush and 118 per game) and Sanfran is 22nd  (3.8 per rush & 116 per game)



  2. 15 minutes ago, Gopher said:

    I think it's an interesting conversation, for sure.  There was never a point in time where Eli would have been considered the best QB in the game.  Probably not even top 3-4.  So, the criteria of "was he one of the best in the game for a sustained period of time" doesn't really apply.  That said, I do think multiple championships means something, not to mention multiple SB MVP's.  Right or wrong, that carries a LOT of weight in the discussion.  And, there is also something to be said for longevity... He's got all of the NYG career passing records, and is top 5-ish in many categories league-wide.  


    Don't really care what his record was.  There are plenty of NFL HOF'ers who played on perennial losing teams.  


    HOF is for the history and the story of Pro Football. Can you tell that story of without Eli Manning ? I don't think so. 1 superbowl has been done by many. 2 superbowls is another level. 

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  3. 2 hours ago, League_Champion said:


    I agree he's a lock, especially coming out of that market and being a media sweetheart. But his overall numbers aren't all that impressive.


    "But there's one glaring stat—outside of his 228 career interceptions, which is tied for the 15th most all-time—that's the most important stat: wins and losses. His win-loss record is currently 111-103, which is just barely above .500 (.519)".Mar 8, 2018 EliteSportsNY


    He's 117-117. But if we look at Warren Moon, he's under .500 with no superbowls..

  4. 4 minutes ago, darin3 said:


    Completely different runner(s), and different scheme to boot.  


    Just because KC was able to keep Henry in check does not mean they will be able to handle SF's ground game.


    I don't disagree with you, i'm just playing devils advocate. Spagnola contained a dynamite run game last week, he designed a defense that shut down the 2007 Patriots offence in the super bowl. He's a capable DC and they have capable Dline to stop that running attack. It's gonna be such a great game no matter what. Can't wait

  5. 1 hour ago, Bier Meister said:

    QB: Strong edge KCC

    RB: Strong edge SF

    WR: edge KCC

    TE: very slight edge to SF for kittle's blocking (rec is a push)

    PK: push

    ST: edge KCC

    Defense: Strong edge SF

    Coaching: edge SF


    Keys for SF:

    - minimizing mahomes. do not let him roll right. cannot give him a third chance to throw.... he makes a first defender miss. sf needs that second guy in to alter the pass.

    - minimize the big play (something SF is susceptible to) , and KCC can thrive on.

    - run efficiently to open up play action.

    - coverage of d. williams in the passing game... very sneaky weapon 

    - turn kcc tds into fgs


    Keys for KC:

    - pass protection for mahomes

    - contain SF's running game

    - build a lead where SF needs to pass more than they would like



    31-27 SF


    My assessment as an unbiased onlooker....


    There are a lot more things that San Fran needs to do in order to win this game so I think you're right on that.  I disagree with you on a few things.


    First, The WR assessment is a strong advantage in KC's favor, especially when considering D Williams out of the backfield. When Sammy Watkins is the 4th option, and your 5th option runs a 4.3/ 40, that is frightening. 


    I would also argue that while San Fran's defense is better, I don't believe they have a strong edge in this particular matchup. The 9ers secondary is very vulnerable with the Chiefs speed at WR. The KC offensive line is ranked 4th in Pass protection this season so I don't see them being bullied by the 9ers d-line like we've seen. On the flip side, the 9ers o-line is ranked 15th in Pass pro, so the defensive line of KC could certainly swing the defensive battle a bit towards KC. KC's defense is greatly improved over the second half of the season. Honey Badger has been an absolute force, So again, I agree, overall, 9ers Def ha the edge BUT to me, in this particular matchup, its a slight edge. 


    I also don't agree that the coaching edge is with San Fran. Lets not forget who designed the defense that shut down the 18-0 Patriots in 2007. Spags has a lot more weapons on this defense than he did back then. Chris Jones is a run stopping force and he came out of last weeks game without aggravation of his injury. 2 more weeks off will work wonders for him.  Andy Reid is an absolute force coming off a bye week (17-3). People will argue he has had some late game management issues, that's somewhat fair but overblown in my opinion. If we are going to knock him for that, lets not forget who the OC was for the Falcons in that utter collapse vs NE a few years ago. 


    Ultimately this should be a classic game.   


    QB: Strong edge KCC

    RB: Strong edge SF

    WR: Strong edge KCC

    TE: Very slight edge to SF for Kittle's blocking (rec is a push)

    PK: Push

    ST: Edge KCC

    Defense: Edge SF

    Coaching: Edge KC


    34-27 Chiefs

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  6. 14 hours ago, purplemonster said:

    That's actually really interesting. I didn't know that. I kind of speculated how long he would stay on, especially after Brady , but sounds like you have some more info


    It's his entire life, both his sons are on the team coaching it's funner for him now than ever.

  7. 5 minutes ago, Swashbucklers said:

    My thought process leads me to believe that Bill is done or has one more year and wants to leave his legacy in what he thinks will be good hands, meaning he wants McDaniels to slide into the HC position in NE.


    If you watched any of his documentaries you know he won't quit until he can't walk anymore. Even then, if they have a wheel chair for him, he may still be there.