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  1. 10 hours ago, purplemonster said:

    It's always been odd to me how poorly Belichick's assistants seem to do. I've never really heard a great explanation for it


    Flores I think will be the first. What he did with that rag tag group down the stretch was awesome.

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  2. Patriots assistants under Bill Belichick to become head coaches elsewhere:

    Brian Flores 5-11
    Matt Patricia 9-22-1
    Bill O’Brien 54-47
    Josh McDaniels 11-17
    Eric Mangini 33-48
    Romeo Crennel 28-55
    Total: 140-200-1 (.412)


    Cowboys fans it could be much worse.

  3. 46 minutes ago, DMD said:

    I wanted Payton when he went to New Orleans in 2006. They should have retained him as OC for that year and then hired him when Parcells left. I wanted the 14 years of Payton that he was at NO. He's already gone through his career arc by now. I would rather have had Payton over McCarthy for sure. He's never been fired mid-season for one.


    But I will would have rather had a top college coach making the transition.


    Payton and Mccarthy have had the exact same career, actually I'd argue Mccarthy had a better career. Payton 3 NFC title games to Mccarthy 4.. Payton 5 seasons of 8-8 or worse to Mccarthy 4, Payton 3 years straight of 7-9 and no playoffs, Mccarthy both 6 division titles.and both 1 superbowl. Both first ballot hall of fame qbs for the entirety of their career. Worth noting that in 2017, one of Mccarthys 3 losing seasons (7-9) Rodgers got hurt week 7 for the season. 


    I'm not some Mccarthy homer or apologist. I'm just stating facts. Identical resumes yet Payton gets touted as an all time great and Mccarthy as a a scrub who can't coach himself out of a wet paper bag. Did we watch Payton yesterday and his clock management ? 

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  4. 4 hours ago, DMD said:

    Hiring a retread means more of the same. Instead of taking cowboys in a new direction with a college coach with fresh ideas they take a retread whose style doesn’t seem to mesh with Elliott anyway. If beating the cowboys in the past was a consideration, Jones would still have a lot if interviewing to do.


    yawn. Dammit.


    Hiring a college coach brings so much more that just implementing their fresh ideas. There is so much to learn for a first time NFL coach especially coming from college. It's a different world. How many times have we seen a college guy come up and fail. The cowboys have a win now roster and can't risk that. If they weren't close, I'd say yeah sure, bring in the clever, young gun. The cowboys are a piece or 2 away from really competing for a title. If I was a cowboys fan I'd be thrilled.  

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  5. 11 minutes ago, BillyBalata said:



    You can't discount winning a Super Bowl.  A lot of successful coaches wear on their players.  Doesn't help when your star qb/chalupa is leading the mutiny.   There's a few stories of coach's getting fired and getting a 2nd chance and learning from the mistakes they made in their first job.


    :sick:  Did i just defend a former packers head coach?


    this, its not hard to see that Rodgers is a total D o u ch e nozzle.  .618 winning % ( 5th amongst active coaches, Belicheck, Tomlin, Payton, Harbaugh)  6 division titles, 9 Playoff appearances, 4 NFC title games and a Superbowl in 13 years. The guy can coach. Cowboy fans wanted an alpha coach that Jerrah won't push around, here he is. The only concern i'd have is that in 13 years, Packers never had a top rushing game. Having said that, they never had an elite talent at RB. One of the things that wore on McCarthy was that Ted Thompson never went out and got players. Jerrah would kill his own son for another Superbowl, if Mike wants someone, he'll get em. 

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  6. Conflicting reports out there this morning.. Apparently the original text by Ed Werder is taken out of context ?? Garrett has been conducting exit interviews with players as if he was staying on as coach, including with upcoming FAs lol.  Such a wierd scenario

  7. Rumors swirling that Urban Meyer is the leading candidate. Via FS1, Colin Cowherd who has a very close relationship with him. A few weeks ago Cowherd had reported that Meyer was not interested in an NFL job, now he's indicating that Meyer would take the job. Cowherd is pretty good at handling information from his sources/ close friends. 

  8. 1 hour ago, irish said:

    I get it's easy for us, even hardcore cowboys fans to be in disbelief over this all. But why is this a bad thing?  I just see them as handling it with respect and class. Maybe they wanted to wait an extra day so he wasn't a part of the immediate firings. Maybe they just wanted to give him time to have his last moments, say his goodbyes, sit down and talk about the future and how their relationship will continue beyond football.  Hell, maybe they want to talk with Garrett about not firing him but letting his contact expire in 2 weeks but moving forward with the next head coach search while Garrett is still "the coach".


    Who the hell knows?

    Great points!

  9. 23 hours ago, isleseeya said:

    Browns need a tough kindergarten teacher to coach them . Inmature a team as there is in NFL


    They also can't have have Baker Mayfield who picks fights with Bengals fans, as the face of their franchise.  Reassess him, he's a backup. Build around a strong running game with 2 stud RBs and that defense. 

  10. What he and the Dolphins did yesterday was historical. Largest upset in NFL in 20 years. 17 pt underdogs. On the road at Gillette with the pats playing for the bye. Non sense. "Magical" 

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