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  1. 15 minutes ago, NAUgrad said:

    If you haven't read the links in this thread you're missing out.  There is some very telling information that I didn't know.  Not just video taping, but seeing practices, etc.  You can't tell me that Beli is the only HC that is extremely detailed and that the Patriots are the only team that practice every little detail.  Something is amiss.  In the salary cap era, it is virtually impossible to continue to win like the Patriots have.  Every team gets hammered with huge contracts and have to let other key pieces go.  Again, go read the articles and you see what you think.  In my opinion, Beli should be completely banned from the NFL moving forward since they've been caught yet again.  I'm an admitted Bronco fan and therefore biased, but cheating is cheating.




    Now having said that, how many other teams do you think take it to this level?  I believe every team does some of this, but maybe not to the extent of the Patriots.  Just a thought.


    Banned? I'd say 1 year suspension a la Bounty Gate. 

  2. 8 minutes ago, purplemonster said:

    And another explanation is that the Bengals system is new so they don't have much info on them at all.  You can say sure the Pats should win, but Beli being Beli, he is super detail oriented.  He's not one to overlook anyone or any detail so no, the fact it is the Bengals is definitely not exculpatory.  Of course, this is what everybody in power does when they get in trouble, it's always the rogue underling.  The problem is it's hard to explain that away when he's a veteran employee of your organization that the team specifically sent (and with someone else, who also should know).  Anyway, we'll see how it goes, I don't have all the info and I am not judge and jury, but looks fishy 


    If some security guard knows the rules, the 18 year video veteran knows the rules. 

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  3. 28 minutes ago, purplemonster said:

    He gave one of the least convincing explanations on that video too.  That guy sounded guilty.  I Don't know enough about these things to say, but I can say it is odd to know you are in deep doodoo yet also claim total ignorance.  He obviously knows enough that he is extremely worried. 


    I'll use an analogy... if you're knowingly trespassing, and someone comes to you and says hey get outta here, you're going to say yup sorry my bad. But if you firmly believe you're not trespassing and are allowed to be there, you're gonna say, no buddy you get outta here im fine. 


    Case in point, this guy was "sent to do a job". If he truly believes he's doing his job, and some schmuk Bengals security guard is trying to keep you from doing your job, you aren't going to just submit, your're going to say listen call my boss here is his number.  Instead, his go to, after 18 years in the business, is " hey lets just delete this and forget it happened". Ya that's not going to fly..


    Lets not forget the initial statement from the patriots on this. "an independent video crew, not associated to the patriots" .. they tried right away to distance themselves.  I'm reading all this malarkey about " bs they don't need to film the bengals" did everyone forget that they were caught filming the jets in 2006 after a 4-12 season. Who it was is irrelevant to the investigation, which is set to kickstart today apparently. They are cooked. 


  4. 1 hour ago, purplemonster said:

    Here's some of the video. I don't understand this totally. So an advance acout can go to the games and watch the substitutions and write down about them but can't film it?  I would think you could learn a lot by just watching the game film is far as who is substituting. What exactly is it about the sideline view that so helpful? Hand signals or defensive calls?  But I thought those were through a headset.  And I would also think somebody in the stands could film it too surreptitiously. Seems like it could be hard to enforce. There's apparently something I'm missing.




    No professional cameras allowed in the stands for 1.. defensive signals can be matched to game film/ notes. Encourage you to read the ESPN report from above detailing Spygate 1 and it will bring to light why this is incident is huge as it relates specific to Patriots and their history

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  5. His throws are effortless, flick of the wrist, very Mahomes-esque. Best part about him is he seems to have a great head on his shoulders and seems very focused on the team and not himself/stats. As a Steeler fan, its gonna be awesome to have him in the division for the next 15 years :( 

  6. 1 hour ago, League_Champion said:


    When the Eagles lost the Superbowl to The Patriots in 2004 players were complaining. They said the Patriots knew every single play before they ran it, and it was all new verbage. They've been doing this for years and years. I'm sure other teams do it as well, but not as good. Hats off. 



    Ever hear Marshall Faulk talk about the 2001 Superbowl ? He will go to his grave saying the same as Eagles. He can barely speak on it he gets so angry 

  7. Cheaters don’t do it selectively, they do it all the time. Why would the Astros need to steal signs from Alec Asher? Because that’s what you do when you’re cheating.  


    Did they cheat their way to 9 SB appearances and 6 titles? Highly unlikely. But in a league where games are won by inches week in and week out, any unfair advantage is a major major issue.

  8. 10 hours ago, heehawks said:

    Why for any ungawdly reason would you need to video the friggin BUNGALS????? They are terrible. If it was Balt, KC, or even HOU, I would kinda understand, but the BUNGLES??? Just wow. 


    Well my guess if this is legit, it wasn't just the bungles, they just got caught with the bungles 

  9. https://sports.yahoo.com/spy-gate-20-let-the-tape-speak-for-itself-010347470.html


    Very interesting. After the "documentaty shoot with the scoout" the guy taped the bengals sideline for the entire 1st quarter until someone from the begals said wtf.  Security interviewed Guy from NE taping and he wanted to just delete the footage and have it be forgotten. That statement by him is apparently also on tape. Cincy has the tape along with NFL.

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  10. This is turning out to be pretty suspicious actually. Obviously because it's them, suspicions are escalated significantly.


    "Remember the incredible article about the Patriots and Spygate? An excerpt regarding what the team told staff to say they were doing if they got caught recording signals.

    Here we are, years later, and... that's the story"