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  1. 3 hours ago, stevegrab said:


    Hate to remind you of this, but if the Steelers end 9-7 Browns can still pass them for that playoff spot by winning out (CIN, @AZ, BAL, @CIN), CLE would have the tie breaker on division record. Three winnable games and the Ravens in our house, and we've already beaten them in BAL. PIT will need to retain that 2 game lead on the Browns heading into week 17/ Titans have a tough road for sure, they need to win at least 2 or they're likely out. 

    ESPN playoff machine

    (simply used winning % as default, and changed the Browns week 16 to beat BAL. PIT/CLE/TEN/IND/OAK all tied at 9-7 but Browns win the tie breakers.


    Yup I know. I give the Browns no chance of beating Baltimore. The team they beat in week 4 is not the same team we are watching now. Not even close. Then remove Garrett. That's why I didn't include the Browns in the conversation. 

  2. It's going to be a show down between them and the Titans. Both 7-5, Steelers own tie break.  Titans have  Houston twice, @raiders and home vs Saints. Steelers have @Cardinals , @Jets, @Ravens and home vs Bills.  Steelers SHOULD end 9-7 but COULD win the home game vs Bills (flexed to SNF actually). The way the Titans defense and run game is rolling right now, I wouldn't be shocked if they win out, but realistically I see them splitting with Houston and losing to the Saints. Going to be fun. 

  3. 4 minutes ago, Red Storm said:

    I will throw out someone that is still out there ......,, Brandon Marshall could play the remainder of the year, finally make play offs and maybe a super bowl. 

    Dez also out there but not sure either of them are better at this stage than Harry or Myers,

  4. 15 hours ago, DMD said:

    Just writing up the Steelers game and it strikes me that I cannot think of a team that underwent so much change in fantasy players in just a year or two. The Steelers were the top of the fantasy mountain with Ben Roethlisberger, Le'Veon Bell, JuJu Smith-Schuster, and Antonio Brown. 


    Right now I am projecting for Devlin Hodges, Benny Snell, James Washington and Diontae Johnson.


    That's like a nosedive from 50,000' you cannot pull out of.


    Cannot think of a team so stripped, so fast.


    It really is crazy isn't it. I think this week is going to be super run heavy with Snell, 18-22 carries with Whyte getting another 4-6. Typical low scoring Steelers game, Steelers win 17-13

  5. 43 minutes ago, stevegrab said:


    Browns played those same four 10 win teams, but took thru week 8 (game 7). We beat BAL, lost by 4 to the Seahawks and got blown out by the 49ers. We had a closer game with the Pats. CLE & PIT split with both winning at home.  To me these teams feel pretty even right now, despite being 2 back. I think week 15 is the key(figure they both win this week), CLE goes to AZ, while PIT takes on BAL. 


    The significant difference here is 2 things. 1. Pittsburgh knows exactly who they are and Cleveland doesn't which leads me to #2. Coaching. Freddie seems inept and way over his head.


    I was a big Tomlin downer for years, but after seeing what happened with AB on his way out and all this season, I truly believe with him there, having the locker room was impossible. I also think he's likely learned a lot from that experience with AB. To me, its him or Sean Mcdermott for COY

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  6. 25 minutes ago, 1fastdoc said:


    Top of the FF mountain but despite that talent they haven't seen the SB since 2010 and there was no reason they'd significantly improve before Bell and Brown jumped ship.  I can see why those guys wanted out.


    seems to be working out well for both of them... they had all sorts of talent on offense and historically bad defenses. Despite that, they were a perennial playoff team and if not for NE, would likely have made it to at least 1 more SB probably 2. 

  7. There are five 10-2 teams in the NFL. The Steelers played four of 'em in the first five weeks. They lost to Ravens in ot by 3 and by 3 and 4 to the Hawks and 9ers respectively.  That puts a lot of perspective on the 5 losses they have. They've been a lot better than their roster would indicate absolutely because of their defense. With a healthy Ben this is a superbowl contender.  

  8. 5 hours ago, League_Champion said:


    I could definitely see them resting Cook next week against the Lions. 

    Not worried about resting per say although I could see more Mattison mixed in, but I'd be more concerned of him trying it out and aggravating that injury. Shoulders and RBs is a bad mix 

  9. 12 hours ago, purplemonster said:

    I feel like somebody's going to pay a ton for Derrick Henry and he's going to go in the tank.  I think he's a great running back but his lack of intensity early in his career would tell me he would get complacent pretty easy with a huge contract. I could very well be wrong


    In fairness Henry has never been used properly until late last year and this year