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  1. Solitaire roster - Processed

    New Contracts: Coleman, Tevin 1 McKinnon, Jerick 1 Goodwin, Marquise 1 49ers, San Francisco 2 Ammendola, Matt 1 Henderson, Darrell 3 Marshall, Terrance 6 Dropped: Mullens ( 1 year) Byrd sharpe fairbair texans D Armstead Hawkins gandy golden
  2. Baron Samedi/Solitaire Trade

    Approve, and thanks
  3. My Last Season of Fantasy Football

    I agree that I didn't really address the freedom of choice that he is referring to. I thought my post might get a little long if I tried to include too much. You have to agree that as citizens of a society we all have to abide by laws and rules to keep everybody safe. I think we can have a good discussion about the limits of that. If our choices are hurting other people, are they ok? Lots of employers require immunizations, why is there such an uproar about this one? I also agree that nobody is listening to anybody. It is just a bunch of arguing and name calling. That is a huge part of the problem and because of it we don't see the other side of things. That is why I thought it might be good to try and post in civil way and see what happens. I will read the article you included and post a better reply when I have more time.
  4. My Last Season of Fantasy Football

    Your post is well thought out and stated. I have been thinking a lot about it for the last month or so. I would like to have a conversation about the issue. I am trying to understand why you and so many others are upset about this vaccine in particular. Do you think it is unsafe or unnecessary? Most of us have received many vaccines in our lifetime. If you were in the military or went to public school, you were required to be vaccinated to protect you as well as the population. Why is it different this time? I understand the hesitancy in the beginning. Now hundreds of millions of people have been vaccinated. The vaccine does suppress the transmission of the virus. It keeps people from catching it and getting sick and therefore they can’t transmit it. If you don’t trust the CDC, USGOV or especially drug manufacturers (which you probably shouldn’t) there is research being done all over the world showing the efficacy of the vaccine. I find it ironic that we are happy to pay to watch players smash their brains and destroy their bodies every week, but asking them (not requiring them) to get a vaccine to prevent the spread of a virus that has caused a global pandemic is over the line? I agree that our government is a mess. I think they are all crooked, bought, and represent corporations and super wealthy and not us. I just don’t understand how that relates to a disease and a cure. Lastly, I think that one of the biggest problems facing this country is the attitude: “Fork U to everyone that disagrees with me”. I look forward to your thoughts. Thanks, Jamie
  5. trade pie and rhino - Processed

  6. Trade - Thunderballs / Solitaire Processed

  7. 1.01

    I appreciate your answer. Thanks for being cool about it. I took a look at your roster a while back and it seemed clear who you would take, but you never know. This couldn't have worked out much better for you.
  8. 1.01

    I am not a fan of stating who you are going to pick. This hurts the pre-draft trade value of 1.02, 1.03. Someone may have been trying to get to those picks for Pitts.
  9. 2021 Season Paid Status

    Paid 3/27 Transaction type: e-check deposit Transaction Number: 0L327009L8ic
  10. Returning? - League is full

  11. Hello Henry,


    When you have time can you take a look at the YOTD playoff seedings.  It was transferred over from D.A.D. and reads the 4 division winners make the playoffs.  As you know, YOTD only has two divisions.  I am not sure if I have a chance or not with the new system.  If it is the 2 division winners + top 4 victory points, I think I do.


    Thanks, J

    1. The Rhinos

      The Rhinos

      nevermind, I see the playoff post now.  sorry.


      Happy Thanksgiving