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  1. trade pie and rhino - Processed

  2. Trade - Thunderballs / Solitaire Processed

  3. 1.01

    I appreciate your answer. Thanks for being cool about it. I took a look at your roster a while back and it seemed clear who you would take, but you never know. This couldn't have worked out much better for you.
  4. 1.01

    I am not a fan of stating who you are going to pick. This hurts the pre-draft trade value of 1.02, 1.03. Someone may have been trying to get to those picks for Pitts.
  5. 2021 Season Paid Status

    Paid 3/27 Transaction type: e-check deposit Transaction Number: 0L327009L8ic
  6. Returning? - League is full

  7. Hello Henry,


    When you have time can you take a look at the YOTD playoff seedings.  It was transferred over from D.A.D. and reads the 4 division winners make the playoffs.  As you know, YOTD only has two divisions.  I am not sure if I have a chance or not with the new system.  If it is the 2 division winners + top 4 victory points, I think I do.


    Thanks, J

    1. The Rhinos

      The Rhinos

      nevermind, I see the playoff post now.  sorry.


      Happy Thanksgiving