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  1. Which 2 WRs to start this week?

    Your DEF problem is a nice one to have. I'd lean towards CHI because of the upside of Hester.
  2. WDIS?

    Any help???
  3. WDIS?

  4. WDIS?

    Any last minute thoughts?
  5. WDIS RB

    I don't think either one will be a bad play. I'd go with Dillon if LM is out. Pls. see my post (JAYJAY1)
  6. Help at WR

    B. Berrian. Pls. see my post. (jayjay1)
  7. Cutler or Garcia

    Go with Garcia. He has been steady with no INT's. Pls. see my post.
  8. R Brown / R Caldwell / Gonzo / M Clayton

    R. Caldwell Pls. see my post
  9. playoff time

    That's a tough call between Bush & MJD. I'd probably go with Bush. Pls. see my post. (jayjay1)
  10. WDIS?

    Standard Scoring & Yardage League Pick 1 player at each position R. Bush vs. WAS E. James vs. DEN L. Evans vs. MIA G. Jennings vs. DET M. Clayton vs. CLE D. Mason vs. CLE J. Carney vs. WAS R. Brionas vs. JAX Dolphins vs. BUF Jacksonville vs. TEN
  11. Win or go home!

  12. Win or go home!

    Bump. I will answer yours.
  13. Win or go home!

    Any thoughts?
  14. Win or go home!

    Standard TD & Yardage League (NO POINTS PER REC.) Would you make any changes? Chad Pennington is available on the WW He plays MIN. Current Starting Lineup Romo, Tony @ ATL Gore, Frank @ SEA Johnson, Larry @ SD Bush, Reggie @ WAS Fitzgerald, Larry @ DEN Jennings, Greg @ DET Gonzalez, Tony @ SD Carney, John @ WAS Dolphins, DST @ BUF Bench Green, Trent @ SD Leinart, Matt @ DEN Williams, DeAngelo @ PIT James, Edgerrin @ DEN Evans, Lee @ MIA Johnson, Keyshawn @ PIT Clark, Desmond @ TB Hanson, Jason @ GB Jaguars, DST @ TEN
  15. Edge or D. Williams

    Last minute thoughts???