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  1. Denver's D looking great so far

    As a Charger fan, I loved Denver’s off-season!!!
  2. Flutie a Pat

    Good signing, as a Chargers fan im happy to see him go to a team like the Pats. He was always a good team guy and I hope he does as well there as he did he in his spot starts.
  3. San Diego drafts for need!

    I agree, the Lions made the wrong pick. They needed a whole lot elsewhere to go out and make a pick like that. They have great WR and a good RB. Why not get something on the line or upgrade the D. I think we saw last season what a team does with all offense not any defense, just asks KC fans how much fun it was to score all those points only to lose 45-42 every week.
  4. San Diego drafts for need!

    Remeber the Chargers also have Donnie Edwards, Steve Foley, Randell Godfrey and Ben Leber. Merrimen wont be alone out there and with the speed the some of the others have, i dont think it will be much of a problem. Then again who knows, its all a crap shot when it comes to the draft.
  5. San Diego drafts for need!

    What confuses me is that you are blasting Merriman because the Cowboys drafted Ware. Just because your team passes on a player doesn’t mean they must be overrated. I do not remember the Cowboys being the best judges of talent in the league. As for Harrison. The Chargers got rid of Harrison because we they years away from winning and we wanted to rebuild our defense with young players. It looks like they did an OK job of that, that is why we had the 28th pick in the draft Ohh yeah, let me know when the master drafters in Dallas will be drafting 28th or higher.
  6. San Diego drafts for need!

    Check out the highlight video; this guy is a stud.... To call him an over weight LB is ridicules. Is Willie McGinest over weight? He plays at the same size Merriman does. How about Adalius Thomas or Jeremiah Trotter? First of all he is a hybrid player, which means he is going to play end and LB, they need to be that big and the fact that he runs a 4.6 is scary. I don’t know if you watched any college football this season, but ot call him unheard of is completely off base. The guy was a star in college, come on. Don't just bash a player because the Cowboys passed on him. I mean remember the Cowboys also signed Wiley, they clearly haven’t a clue about DE's.
  7. Consensus Draft Pick 1.12, San Diego

    Like the above said, there is no way the Bolts take him. They will take a WR or Spears here.
  8. Thank you San Diego

    Well, he has a cool name...
  9. Thank you San Diego

    They have like 21 million under the cap going into the off season. I do not htink Jue eats much of that up.
  10. Surtain to be traded...

    The Chargers REALLY need one. How in the world did my bolts get to the playoffs with Jammer on one side and a group of stooges on the other. The Chargers have a QB to trade, 2 number ones and 21 million under the cap. Looks like that might work.
  11. Playoff Predictions..... Let's Hear Them

    NFC: Vikings over Green Bay 24-20 Seattle over St. Louis 17-14 Vikings over Philly 31-21 Seattle over Atlanta 16-13 Vikings over Seattle (Battle of the underachievers) 27-17 AFC: Indy crushes Broncos 42-20 San Diego over Jets 31-17 New England over Colts 24-21 San Diego over Steelers 21-17 Chargers over New England 21-20 Bolts beats Vikings in a shootout 28-20
  12. Chiefs vs. Chargers

    AMEN, the Bolts are young, fast and tough.
  13. Will Gonzo get to 100 catches?

    Screen to Gonzo for 4 yards over and over, i do not think he broken 5 yards before the catch all day.
  14. Chiefs vs. Chargers

    They just threw screens to him; I think he only had a few catches over a yard... The Chargers reserves were lookin' good and Green looks terrible.
  15. Wayne and Manning

    Chargers just played well, Wayne though came through in the 2nd half.