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  1. Weekly Blitz

  2. Is it for sure Walker is done?

    Just read the USA today (Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2005) article by Skip Wood who says that walker is done for the year with an anterior cruciate ligmanent tear in his right knee. Too lazy to look up the exact link, but you can find it if you need to.
  3. Weekly Blitz

  4. You know.....

    I would have used the huddle for my info, but I couldn't get through. I went 2-1 on my own. Hmmmm......
  5. 2005 NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 1

    Week 1 - St. Louis Rams
  6. Remind me to never ...

    Basturds! They will pay.
  7. Remind me to never ...

    Agree. The problem is getting so bad I don't expect to get through any more and am surprised when I actually do get through. I'm spending a lot of time at the competitors site lately. Not saying that to be an ass, just saying that this really sucks bad and at the worst possible time.
  8. Matt Jones

    While I agree with you about Jones, I also note that the above could have been said last year about Antonio Gates and he had one of the best seasons ever by a TE, rookie or vet. It's unlikely that Matt Jones 2005 = Antonio Gates 2004, but you just never know.
  9. Travis Taylor? Really?

    He has sucked. He sucks. And he will suck again.
  10. Weekly Blitz

  11. King Of The Mountain

    St. Louis Rams
  12. Which top rb goes down first?

    Not sure about RB's. If you asked this questions about QB's, the answer would be simple: Kordell. He goes down first. And second. And......
  13. Stephen Jackson...

    Watch the MNF game tonight and form your own opinion.
  14. Travis Taylor wins starting job.

    I'm...............not sold..............on Travis Taylor :Bones: Dammit, Jim! :/Bones:
  15. Travis Taylor wins starting job.

    How Kirk?
  16. The Very Important Topic of Member Numbers

    Number 24 is available for the right price
  17. Raiders Homer Needed ASAP

    Looks good. Thanks Hugh. I will do it if you need me. If you give it to Silver & Black that's OK too. No sweat either way. If it's me, just let me know what you need me to do. (Send PayPal, begin drafting, etc.)
  18. Raiders Homer Needed ASAP

    If you can't find an acceptable owner, I will do it. What is the buy-in? and what is the link, if any, to the MFL site? By the way, How do you get the Raider fan off of your front porch??? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Answer: Pay him for the pizza. (Even though I am a die-hard Raider fan, I still find that joke funny.
  19. New name ...

    Daycare Survivors The White Chi-Lite $200 Bat Man
  20. looking for a name.....

    "The Dick Garage" or "Smegma"
  21. When is the Free Ride Over?

    Do I get to keep my member number if I re-up today?
  22. DMD

    I propose a "Liberal/Conservative" Litmus test for all prospective members.
  23. Mr. Clutch

    Jim Plunkett.
  24. California Huddler League

    Oakland born & raised. I might be interested if the buy-in is large enough. Just can't get excited about $100 & under leagues. Bragging rights are the most important thing, of course, but I need there to be enough $$$ at stake to get motivated.
  25. 12 Team Performance Re-draft Mock

    lofl - the computer gave him Burleson.