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  1. What is the biggest week 1 surprise

    No, from NY... Thanks, I heard that a long time ago and it still rings true...
  2. What is the biggest week 1 surprise

    I would say the dolphins, only because all those stupid analysts counted them out... even though we all knew they would win this one... GOOOOOOO FINS!!!!!
  3. week 5 ravens, 16 points
  4. draft grid

    I can't believe you actually needed a link to figure that out.... Might want to work on those excel skills
  5. Pick up game..... I love it. A 30 year old ex football player playing in a pick up game...
  6. considering that there are less dome games this year I think It'll be less. 38. And if if the league officials back away from the "don't touch our receivers" plea from the colts and let teams play some defense I would say even less... 28. someone hit Manning already!
  7. Superbowl Bound?

    Dolphins vs Carolina
  8. World's Best Fantasy Team Names..

    Ham Wallets.. props to the bloodhound gang.
  9. Observations from Bears vs. Dolphins

    The Feeley experiment is over... not that Ferotte played fantastic but it only took one crossing play when he checked down to his second receiver (something Feeley has yet to due in his life) for me to think he'll be the starter all year. He also looked more comfortable in the pocket. I really cant' fault Feeley too much since the line wasn't holding up. Huck better get to work. On one 3rd and long play the bears rushed only 4 guys against the whole Miami O Line and still got the sack. I think it was ogunleye. But then again the Bear defense is pretty tough. Boston looked good and Lee still can't catch. I agree that Mushin never got the left foot in on that long catch.. but whatever.
  10. Kevin Jones is dropping jaws

    darn I thought this topic was Kevin Jones is dropping draws... This could be an excellant pick late in the first. I still would pick S Jackson over him
  11. Draft Position Opinions

    I Like 11th in a 12 team draft. For me it's just as good as having a back to back pick (meaning I can see what the 12th pick guy's needs are and pretty much guess who he's going to pick anyway) plus I'm one spot closer in the first round.
  12. CCS

  13. I've always been a big believer in getting my starting running backs first before considering anything alse. But the last 2 years since I've had the last spot in the draft and have been taking a top tier RB and top WR. I really enjoyed putting that top WR in the lineup and never worrying about matchups. So that got me to thinking about this year... I have the 11th spot and was wondering what it would be like to have 2 starting Wideouts that I place in the lineup and never worry about until bye weeks. The thing I noticed about the running backs that I usually get at the 1.12 and 2.1 position is that sometimes they lose there jobs or you end up having a better sleeper pick that starts outperforming them and you have to choose each week anyway. With Moss and Owens or Harrison, besides getting an injury you're never going to have another wide receiver you want to start ahead of them. Plus, this year there are some good RB's you can get in the 3rd and 4th... i.e deshaun foster, Ronnie Brown, Cedric Wilson, tatum bell, Chris Brown etc Just a thought. Anyone agree?
  14. Running back help

    Henry... proven talent. He'll be up there with the leaders by mid season
  15. CCS Playoff

    J Jones