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  1. Jameis Winston Thread

    Great point!
  2. Congrats to the SB MVP, Manning

    To all Colts fans in the Huddle!
  3. Favre returning

    Kind of funny he comes out with the anouncment now................Seeing that the Rival Bears are in the spotlight.
  4. 2 keeper league - 10 man

    Sorry, Did not note only 1 per position. Only Gore
  5. So, how did you become an NFL fan?

    Late sixty's both Grandparents were season ticket holders of the Packers. Everything came to a halt when the Packers were playing!
  6. Merry Christmas

  7. The smack talk, the banter and all the advice good or bad! Can't wait for 2007!
  8. MJD = MGD

    Interesting thought!
  9. QB WDIS ?

  10. Remembering...

    Helped me win My league SuperBowl in 1999
  11. Have last minute questions?

    Standard scoring need 2 of 3 Maurice Jones Drew.T jones Tatum Bell