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  1. Cars on ebay

    Bought my motorcycle on ebay, sight unseen. It was exactly as-described though, and no worries other than having to drive from Atlanta to Orlando to get it. You can usually tell by the pictures. If there are a number of good quality pictures from all sides, angles, etc., then you're probably dealing with an OK person. But I'm with H8tank here - if it's that close go check it out and you take most of the uncertainty out of the equation. Offer the guy a price fair for both of you and go for it.
  2. Had a little car accident yesterday

    Enjoy that morphine and get better soon. Glad you're OK. And remember, chicks dig scars...
  3. The fatness of America...

    Skinsy m'boy, you're dead-on, as are a lot of people in this thread. Fast food isn't healthy because the market won't tolerate it. People prefer taste over health, eat too much, and move too little. BTW, I just read Snow Falling on Cedars by whatshisname Gusterson or something like that. Kind of murder mystery set in the Pacific NW, examining the Japanese/White relationship post WWII. The author painted vivid beautiful pictures of the area with his words, and really made you think about what Americans of Japanese descent went through. All in all, recommended. BTW, I've gone from 290 in Feb (I'm 6'3") to under 230 and still losing. The goal is 200. The jump-start was getting a neural stimulator implanted in my back and quitting oxycontin cold-turkey. So sorry skins, I got no more to share with you sweetie.
  4. Nogo, I've dreamed of a safari for years. Please tell me all there is to know at mountaineer30680@yahoo.com. I want to take a good .375 H&H bolt gun for plains game and a double in something like that big Ashurst (.460?) for the dangerous stuff. BTW, if you haven't seen me around here before some of the older members can vouch for me (Big John, Atomic, Duchess Jack I almost consider friends, though we've never met). I just really want to hear about this safari.
  5. O the times; they are a changing

    C'mon H8, do you really ignore the phone and email snooping programs and/or not count that as lost liberties? How about the folks imprisoned w/out benefit of counsel, charges or due process? Don't you think it could happen to you? 60 years ago it was OK to beat on people who were black. Then about 35 years ago it was people of any color who had long hair and believed the Vietnam war was wrong. In the 80's it started being drug dealers. In the 90's the ATF got out of hand. Now it's "terrorists". Dude, you're smarter than this...
  6. Wood Burners

    I remember growing up we'd go two or three Saturdays in September to lay in the wood for the winter. We had the largest insert Buck stove made, and it warmed our small (2000 or so sqft) house well. Listening to WVU on the radio and cutting wood. Then I'd have to split it during the week following after school. I hated it at the time but now that I've moved back up here (and am 20 years older) it's much more enjoyable and I remember it much more fondly. Like other folks, we had timberland from which to cut so we were only out the gas and oil for the chainsaws (one of which was an old Pioneer 1200A which is STILL running) and the sweat equity. Ahh, the nostalgia...
  7. How's tricks these days?

    So my job has me in a hotel in what passes for an urban environment in WV, so I've got free high-speed till I leave Thursday. What've I missed? I've certainly missed you guys. You know, man-love stuff. Oh, and I join Spain in that my wife bought me a PINK shirt...
  8. Trade: Peyton Manning for Cadillac Williams-Fair?

    And this is actually why I was tending to disagree with Furd in this instance. I quit a league because of this shucks. It happens to a couple people, then they are bound and determined to get revenge. Next trade coming through, they jump on it. It becomes a big cluster munition. Another thing we haven't even discussed for this, and that's relative worth. If the Manning owner has Hass and Palmer sitting on his bench at low auction values, and Manning is high-priced, and the guy has Portis at normal value but LJ as a dollar player, he can pick up cap space for more speculation, add a young, spotential stud
  9. any other reasons to void FF trades?

    Az, the only time I've ever seen a trade stopped that was not collusion was a guy out of the playoffs getting a WAY undervalued Vick and SSmith in exchange for LT and an overpriced, injured scrub. IIRC the guy getting LT was in possesion of SA and Holt at top-values, and his other QB was Hass in his first decent year (like I said, IIRC) and the rest of us in the playoffs raised all kinds of cain about that. It was a keeper league, and there was obviously no collusion from these two guys, but it was killed anyway (we pay like $7 a year for site fees - no money). The reason it was killed was it literally made the team getting LT invincible (I know, anything can happen, but...). And the commish reasoned it out fairly well, saying that's why there were trade deadlines and we should have set one (first year) so we set at like 10 or 11 and that's it.
  10. Auction Strategy

    This is a superb case for the "go big" method - great job Muck. In Edge's rookie year I traded my entire draft around. I had 1.1 and 1.4 and a 12 pack until my next pick in the 6th round. I got Marshall, Edge and Steve Beaurlign (I know I didn't spell that right) was my lucky pick savior. I barely made the playoffs because my three wideouts to start that year were Kevin Dyson (iirc, achilles), Germane Crowell (knee) and Carl Pickens (broken fibula). I did get Trung for the couple games Marshall missed that year and just barely made the playoffs, and I did get one wideout from the scrap heap giving me 5-6 pts/week (Chrebet, maybe?) and I lucked into Matt Stover and the Baltimore D. I can't even remember my TE, but I know from experience about those warnings on the Pepto bottle about the black stool... I'll never do it again, and I had to have another guy to lose in week 12 to break a tiebreaker just to make the playoffs. Sometimes you just get hot at the right time. I do recommend that if you're trying it you have INTIMATE knowledge of your leagues scoring system, because you'll pull WW wideouts just because they're the return guy (and get pts for those yards or TD's - that was Az Hakim's one decent year too, I think 6 rec TD's and two or three returns?). You said auction though, what kind of penalties do you have for drop/adds? That might kill it for me just because you really do have to play matchups with that third WR or TE sometimes. Just adding my dross to Muck's gold...
  11. Menudo's Official 2006 NFL Predictions

    I didn't get the NFC south much either. NO just doesn't have their act together yet, too many tumultuous changes and ??? Unless Simms decides to be a real QB then Tampa will be worse this year than last, just by virtue of the out-of-division schedule and the Falcons went out and spent MUCH more money on the defensive side of the ball specifically addressing their division. Poor Menudo will have a heart attack, but with the addition of McNair the Ravens just became a legitimate playoff contender, not just a team playing on the fringes. They have the piece they were missing. Oh, and for a prediction, Derrick Mason is a gold mine this year. 1200 and 9 TD's. I don't know where he's going in mocks (all my drafts so far have been auction) but he's undervalued from what I've seen. Uh, and Menudo, I can't help but point out the homerism here, but I will at least tell you why yer wrong. Every other team in that division looks better, added pieces and have well-proven coaches with the possible exception of Cleveland (but I think the statement stands for them as well). Hines has a hammy, no El or Bettis, and I'm not sure you added anybody that will really help you this year. Taking all that into account, I just don't see more than 9 for the Steelers this year. Oh, and just to get it out in the open I'm a 'Boys homer, so I don't really have much dog in that divisional fight.
  12. A sad day today

    Sheesh, mine are 6 and 4 and I can't imagine. But look at it this way - the older I get, the more I understand and the closer I get to my Dad. But DB, I went to a very liberal college and the questions they couldn't answer did more to affirm my conservatism/libertarianism than anything. I'm sure he'll come out fine!
  13. Need to get a laptop computer

    Check out www.tigerdirect.com. They frequently have deals that meet your specs and your price range.
  14. Should I upgrade to Windows XP? (and related ?'s)

    I can't believe no one has stated the obvious - just spend $300 bucks on one of those new puter/monitor/printer deals at best buy or CCity. You get a newer, faster computer, better printer and it comes with XP and a bunch of other goodies. Or like someone said, just wait till Christmas. They'll probably drop to $200 by then...
  15. mel gibby saga cont....

    Amen, Chuckles! I remember some info-babe asked Brad Pitt his opinion on some social cause or something. His response was "Who gives a sheet what I think? I'm a Goddanmed actor for Christ's sake!" Funniest and most appropriate response I've ever seen out of one o' dem hollyweird types. Of course, he is bangin' Angelina...