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  1. Drop Mike Davis?

    Gaskin better than Davis.
  2. Down 20 pts.

    I say you win

    JuJu and McLaurin
  4. Playoff time... Pick an RB, WR, FLEX for Week 14

    Play Kamara always......I like Gibson, Woods, and Davis
  5. Which 2 TE's for playoffs?

  6. Which QB for Week 14?

    I like Tannehill in week 14
  7. Week 15 Defense

    NE, SF, and then BUF
  8. Gibson or Mostert?

    Id go Mostert. Good luck, thats a big margin to overcome.
  9. Tua isn’t ready yet. Fitz is the guy for this year. Tuas team next year.
  10. James White or Gio at RB

    Playing Gaskin. Need to pick either Janes White or Gio for my other RB slot. Who do you all like between those 2? PPR league.
  11. Taysom, Tannehill, or Goff this week

    A lot of good opinions here. Right now I’m going Tannehill but I could change my mind. Any other thoughts?
  12. Taysom, Tannehill, or Goff this week

    That’s my dilemma. See, in my opinion, Hills floor is lowest because if he comes out and can’t move the ball, he could get yanked and in comes Winston. Hill is risky is my book. But he also has the highest ceiling. Tough calll.
  13. Who do you like at QB for week 13? Thanks!
  14. Goff or Hill at QB?

    Who you like week 12?
  15. Who to drop? Edmonds or J White?

    Yea, I stayed put and didn’t add Rudolph. Rolling with Hurst and kept everyone.