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  1. Goff or Hill at QB?

    Who you like week 12?
  2. Who to drop? Edmonds or J White?

    Yea, I stayed put and didn’t add Rudolph. Rolling with Hurst and kept everyone.
  3. Who you like out of those 3 to start?
  4. Pick 3 out of these 4 HELP

    Parker Hopkins Woods Godwin Need to start 3 of these guys. Thanks!
  5. Who to drop? Edmonds or J White?

    Thanks for input. Don’t want to drop Hurst yet. Probably drop White
  6. Who to drop? Edmonds or J White?

    Hard choice for me. I think White could be a difference maker.
  7. Who to drop? Edmonds or J White?

    I need to pick up a TE in case Hurst is out. I think Edmonds and J White are guys I could drop for the new TE. Hate to drop either one bit have to do it. Who you dropping?
  8. Trade Goedert for Godwin?

    Who would I drop for Jonnu? Hurst? Id hate to drop anyone else. Maybe J White? QB - Hill, Goff RB - McCaffery, Mixon, Bernard, Edmonds, M. Davis, Gaskin, J White WR - Hopkins, Woods, Parker, Godwin TE - Hurst K - Butker Def - Dolphins
  9. Trade Goedert for Godwin?

    Ertz taken. Best available is probably Jonnu.
  10. Trade Goedert for Godwin?

    Yea, but I’m left with Hurst who hasn’t practiced all week. I’m in a must win situation this week!
  11. Trade Goedert for Godwin?

    Seems like a good play. Scared of Hurst missing his game. He missed practice this week???
  12. Trade Goedert for Godwin?

    Have Hurst also at TE. Other WR’s are DHopkins, Woods, Parker. Thoughts?
  13. Week 11 Chat

    Stafford and Hurst both suck. That is all.
  14. Week 11 Chat

    Winston coming in 2nd half? Wouldn’t surprise me. I think Winston makes more sense for the Saints.