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  1. Out of those 5, who starts at the following positions: RB2- WR2- RB/WR Flex- I have Mixon and Chase locked in at RB1 and WR1. Thanks
  2. Who does everyone like between these 2? Thanks!
  3. More Trade Advice - Get Miles Sanders Give Jeudy or C Davis

    Anybody got any opinions on this? Is Jeudy or Davis or Anderson even worth a Miles Sanders?
  4. Good trade for me? I get Miles Sanders and I give Jeudy or Corey Davis. Would you do it and who makes more sense to give up....Jeudy or Davis? Thanks!
  5. M Carter for M Thomas

    Im not crushed by injuries at the moment....but RB's go down all time! But youre right, even if Mixon or Zeke are injured, Carter probably isnt going to be a 1 for 1 replacement anyway for those guys.
  6. M Carter for M Thomas

    I believe Thomas could have alot of value, but you are correct that he is "multiple" weeks away from returning. Yes, I only plan on using the Pats for Week 7, so essentially this is a Carter for Thomas trade with RoJo hitting the waiver wire in favor of the Pats for 1 week. I like Steelers for weeks 8-9-10. I dont think its a slam dunk either, but Thomas potential has me intrigued, and I dont forsee using Carter even as a bye week fill in. Only if Zeke or Mixon get hurt. I like McKissic and Murray better than Carter I think. Tough call for me, thats why I posted it. Thanks for all responses.
  7. M Carter for M Thomas

    Yes, it was offered to me. Pretty good deal?
  8. M Carter for M Thomas

    Id trade Carter away for Micheal Thomas and the Patriots D. Anyone think its worth taking? I have Steelers on bye this week but obviously RB's are scarce. Team in signature. I could just drop RoJo for the Saints on waivers too. Thanks!
  9. Week 5 Chat

    To anyone who watched the end of the Cowboys....I really needed that Amari Cooper TD at the end of the game. Dak just flat out missed him, Would have been an easy TD!!
  10. Drop Mike Davis?

    Gaskin better than Davis.
  11. Down 20 pts.

    I say you win

    JuJu and McLaurin
  13. Playoff time... Pick an RB, WR, FLEX for Week 14

    Play Kamara always......I like Gibson, Woods, and Davis
  14. Which 2 TE's for playoffs?

  15. Which QB for Week 14?

    I like Tannehill in week 14