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  1. What the Coolest Name of Any of Your Fantasy Teams?

    Hey - looked up "Cleveland Steamers" as well - man....that's some crazy stuff!! My team names that I have had that won championships: Ill-Tempered Midgets(spin on Dr. Evil's "Ill-Tempered Sea Bass" in the 1st Austin Powers movie) Matterhorn Maniacs (based on the Disneyland ride w/Abominable Snowman) This year's team that lost in the finals(& bitter that Tiki decided to have his career game this week instead of last week): The Channel 4 News Team Oh well, bring on next season!!!
  2. I need Romo to throw or run for 4-5 TDs and throw for over 250 yds and then have LJ Smith catch 2-3 TDs and get 100 yds. My opponent is up by 35 pts and has Westbrook. (Yeah - my league has a high scoring performance structure). Yep - I lost. Now back to planning for next season!! =)
  3. Bench Roy Williams?

    Yeah - bench ROY. Good luck!! Please reply to my post - thanks.
  4. te help

    Gotta go with Shockey!! Please reply to my post - thanks!!!
  5. Which WR to Start?

    Evans - definitely - he's the #1 WR in BUF. Good luck to you!!
  6. Help at WR

    I'd have to say AJ & Cotchery as well. Good luck to you!!
  7. Thanks guys - anymore input - 35 min to go...thanks!!
  8. CJ & Boldin. Good luck man!!
  9. Championship Game -WDIS @ QB

    I'd go with Brady - Alex Smith is usually lacking in the stats. Plus, I think they will rely on Gore all day!! Good luck to you!!

    I'd stick with Berrian - Good luck!!
  11. Barber or Glenn in Flex

    Go with Barber. Good luck!!!
  12. I'd say take a chance on Devery. Good luck!!
  13. Tiki or Betts

    Agreed - Betts. Good luck!!
  14. I say Kitna & Witten. Not sure if Desmond would rest or not. Good luck.
  15. Title on the line

    Agreed. Droughns & Berrian. Good luck!!