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  1. Hey All!! I have Moss(OAK) on a BYE and already starting Reggie Wayne(IND) vs SF Which #2 WR should I play this week?? (1 pt per rec, 1 pt per 10 yds) Thanks for your votes/comments.
  2. Bye Week filler - need your help!

    thanks everyone - need more of your votes for tomorrow....
  3. Hey Everyone, I need your last minute advice on my lineup today in a 12-team, performance league - 1 pt per reception, 1 pt per 10 yds(rush/rec). starting(in bold) - need your help on my other options(not in bold), need help deciding on my 2nd RB, 2nd WR, and which DEF/ST to play this week. QB: Culpepper RB: Julius Jones, W. Dunn(@ BUF) or Chris Perry(vs CHI) WR: R.Wayne(vs CLE), I.Bruce(vs TEN), or T.Taylor(vs NO) TE: Witten K - Edinger DEF/ST: (NE @ Pit) or MIA(vs CAR) thanks!!
  4. Last Minute Lineup help.....

    cool input.... anymore last minute advice??
  5. Last Minute Lineup help.....

    great input guys!! i guess i am leaning towards Dunn & MIA D/ST..... as for 2nd WR - i was thinking about T.Taylor as I am hoping obviously that C-Pep breaks out of his funk & Taylot has that "upside"....but i know Bruce should get some good looks at home. now to decide - T.Taylor or Bruce as my #2 WR this week.....??? need your insight please.....
  6. Who To Start

    out of those 2 WRs - i'd lean towards Curtis since the Titans D is not that good. please check out my post - thanks.
  7. A good problem to have but

    i'd say JJ & Deuce..... please help me out on my lineup dilemma....thanks.
  8. Who to start? Will answer yours...

    i'd go T. Jones & C. Brown. then Engram. finally - Cincy "D". please help me out on my lineup dilemma....thanks.
  9. Last Minute Lineup help.....

    hey everyone.... could still use more advice on who to start.....please help out. thanks.
  10. I am in a 12-team, performance scoring league. I am unfortunately 0-2 and looking for some help. I have been offered Warrick Dunn & Jason Witten for Thomas Jones & Todd Heap. Now, Thomas Jones had a nice game, but will probably lose carries to Benson. Todd Heap is recovering from injuries and may be a good TE in BAL, if he doesn't lose throws to Wilcox, the other TE. As for what I would receive, Warrick Dunn is a decent RB and although he loses some goal line carries to Duckett, he does get good yardage now & then. With Witten, I get a good TE - which I hope Dallas will use more in the future. So, I would like your opinions on whether or not I do this trade. thanks!!! BTW - my current roster is as follows: QB - Delhomme, Dilfer RB - J.Jones, T.Jones, K.Jones, and Chris Perry WR - Horn, Wayne, T.Taylor and L.Evans TE - Heap, A.Smith K - Kasay, Edinger DEF/ST - NE & MIA
  11. I too just won my SB!

    yep - thanks for the great site!!! cool advice - cool people in these forums. i won my FF title today(not official yet- opp has Akers on MNF & i'm up by 50)!!!! i will win with: QB: Griese RB: Larry Johnson, McGahee WR: Muhammad, Mason TE: Gates K: Elam DEF: BAL it's been an awesome year!!! 14-2 overall this year!!! thanks again everyone!!!!
  12. Hey Everyone!! well, made it to the Super Bowl in my FF league(even yds/TD scoring league). now i face the dilemma of who to start at QB!!! my original starter has been Bulger (STL) - but i have been using Griese & his better than expected stats - that is up until last week's bad performance. but is Bulger healthy enough to rely on for my title game?? or should i start Griese & hope he does enough at home vs a good CAR DEF??? i'd appreciate your help/advice here as i have no waiver wire for the playoffs and have to go with one of these guys to bring me home the trophy!!! thanks.
  13. QB dilemma for my FF Super Bowl?

    hope everyone had a great Christmas!!! just need your last minute advice on starting between Bulger or Griese today!!! thanks!!!
  14. QB dilemma for my FF Super Bowl?

    thanks guys!! about to head over to hang out with the relatives for Christmas...... i will be checking online for a little - but any last minute advice on Bulger ORGriese......AND on Mason, Muhammad or Clayton(pick 2 WRs)????? thanks!! once again Merry Christmas!!!
  15. QB dilemma for my FF Super Bowl?

    good points guys........leaning towards Griese, Mason & Muhammad. but need to do decide before the games today - so your advice would be greatly appreciated!!!! thanks!!!! Merry Christmas to everyone!!! have a great time with your families!!!
  16. QB dilemma for my FF Super Bowl?

    thanks guys!! anymore insight? wolfdigger - couldn't locate your question......where is it? thanks again!!
  17. QB dilemma for my FF Super Bowl?

    hmmmmm......good info.....still can't decide...anymore insight??? thanks!!! also - for the heck of it - which 2 WRs this week - Mason, Muhammed, and Clayton. thanks!!!
  18. hey Everyone!! looking to find out any new updates on Willis McGahee's injury!!! Buffalo homers?? anyone?? i really need him to play this weekend!! as i am sure all McGahee owners are hoping for that made it to their finals!!! thanks for any info.!!!!
  19. any new on Willis McGahee?

    Buffalo 4 - thanks for the update - keep me posted. i really need Willis to be available & get me some pts. on Sunday!!
  20. Let's see those Superbowl Matchups

    my team vs opp team Bulger(or Griese) vs P. Manning Larry Johnson vs LT2 Mcgahee(or i'm screwed) vs Portis Mason vs Ward Muhammad vs Roy Williams Gates vs D. Clark Lindell vs Akers BAL DEF/ST vs BUF DEF/ST should be interesting - although i'm worried about my injured players!!! argh!!! but, we had a real close game decided by less than 5 pts earlier this year.
  21. any new on Willis McGahee?

    Buffalo4 - thanks!!! i will look on the site - but as soon as you hear anything - let me know. what's the latest going around on the radio/talk shows??
  22. Tom Jackson

    i agree. a few friends and myself mentioned that today. the brown on brown look is just a little drab. i think he could find some sharper suits to wear. but whatever he wants to wear - his choice.
  23. Ravens Def TD?

    the BAL Defensive players never switched possession of the ball with anyone on CIN. so, it is a DEF TD!!!.......that's how we see it in our league.
  24. oakland homers!

    this is being reported on www.rotoworld.com: Ronald Curry is out for the season with a torn achilles. What terrible timing. Curry had just established himself as a legit pro receiver in the last month. With 50 catches and 669 yards in 12 games, Curry should be a big part of Oakland's big-play offense next year. Dec. 5 - 10:04 pm et