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  1. How many Huddler's out there

    billybalata - i feel your pain - i had them both in my lineup as well. then i went up against Edge, Horn & Chad Johnson(both WRs playing from behind on crappy teams - great!!!). luckily, this is not the playoffs!!!! i hope my team doesn't fail me like today - in 2 wks - playoff time!!!
  2. Ravens Defensive TD?

    it's a defensive TD!!! same team recovered the fumble after the INT.
  3. hey everyone, trying to prepare for the final 2 reg season games & for the playoffs. i'm 11-1 in a 12-team, equal perf/TD league. can only carry 4 RB's. i already currently have Priest, Blaylock, McGahee & Maurice Hicks. should i drop Hicks to pick up Larry Johnson(yes, someone had dropped him last week & i didn't realize it until now)?? would i be too crazy to have all 3 KC RB's on my roster??? i'm just worried that if Priest doesn't come back, which i hope he does - obviously, Vermeil may try to use Larry Johnson more to see what he can do. i'd appreciate your input/advice - thanks!!!
  4. Priest, Blaylock, & Larry Johnson

    really?? where is it reporting this about Priest??? also, this is a re-draft league....sorry i forgot to post. i'd appreciate the link........
  5. Priest, Blaylock, & Larry Johnson

    thanks guys!! anymore input - i could use before making this possible move this AM???
  6. hey everyone!! in a 12-team, equal performance/TD scoring league(incl receptions) - starting 1 QB, 2 RBs, 2 WRs, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 DEF/ST. i need to start 2 RB's out of: D.Blaylock vs tough SD run Defense W.Magahee @ good Seattle Defense T.Minor @ a not so good SF Defense do i even think about sitting either Blaylock or Magahee and take a chance on Minor having a good game vs the Niners??? the rest of my starting lineup is as follows: QB - Bulger WR - Mason WR - Muhammad TE - Gates K - Elam DEF - Ravens thanks!!!
  7. Blaylock, Magahee, or Minor?

    bump - thanks!!!
  8. Can I be serious?

    i'd lean towards Griese as Bulger wil be facing a good Bills D - as well as the bad weather. i just think Griese should light up the 49ers secondary at home in TB.