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  1. This Just In...........

    Suppose Artose Pinners legs are tired yet? Can Fason have a couple more carries?
  2. So what do you need MN?

    If Cedric Benson can manage 103 yards and a TD (with no fumbles) or 50 yards and 2 TD's tonight, I could overcome the HUGH mistake of benching Julius Jones for Ciatrick Fason. Go Ced Go.
  3. MBIII

    Maybe he did something to get into Parcells "Hotel".
  4. Kind of quiet in here

    Gonna see a serious drop off in traffic around here now that most folks fantasy playoffs have started, and therefore a great deal of owners will meet their elimination and begin the "off season". Oh, and anyone ignoring the Saints should be slapped with a ruler across the knuckles.
  5. Atta boy JJ

  6. Worst FFL decision today...

    I waived Julius Jones to pick up and start Ciatrick Fason I'm actually relieved that a season of perpetual mediocrity is coming to an end.
  7. WDIS

    I'd stick with Bell.
  8. Sunday Morning Overcoaching

    Thanks Vans .... looks like Taylor is out today per ESPN radio.
  9. Chester

    Just read on "another board" that he's out today per ESPN radio.
  10. Help! TENN or SF def!

    Nope ... Frank Gore should still have a decent day against Green Bay if it's raining. I'm playing the Titans over the Panthers this week ... I'll pass the Koolaid vansmack32 ... go with Tennessee.
  11. WDIS at QB

    I'd go with Romo here too.
  12. RB Dilema

    Too many questions with the ankle injury in Buffalo. I'd play Lewis and Houston and hope for the best.
  13. choice between 2 RB?

    I'd go with Henry too, I think Fason could be a good play this week, but might be bothered by Mewelde too ... Henry has been running well and has Vince to relieve pressure too.
  14. S.O.S.

    Check the weather in San Fran, if it's still supposed to rain pretty hard, then sit Jennings, if not, I'd go with everyone else here and sit Furrey. Good Luck
  15. I think I'd go with Dillon myself ... something tells me the Cutler experiment backfires profusely this week and the Broncos running game suffers along with it. But that's just my hunch.