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  1. Did you know...?

    Joe Horn had 4 guys on him on that play, 4 GUYS, let's count the white spamshirts. I wonder if anyone else was open...?
  2. Trent Green Owners

    I think right now it's 100% for this season isn't it.... 8:58 left in the second quarter, I haven't seen a single point from Green all season.
  3. Week 2 Bonehead moves.

    I benched Thomas Jones in favor of Reuben Droughens
  4. My old Sony 30" just bit the big one

    I'm pimpin' the 46" Samsung DLP myself in a big way. I love this TV!!!
  5. Droughns getting the nod from Romeo in cheeseland or Thomas Jones at home against the boys from the motor city? Who would you start along side LT2? (Side not - I'm playing the Detroit Defense and don't like running my defense against one of my skill position players unless I absolutely have to - it just seems wrong)
  6. colts/jags

    Crisp, yeah I would absolutely have to agree. Heck, the Colts could probably cover that in the first quarter with 2 good drives.
  7. Starting qb

    Have to agree, Favre is the guy that's proven and it's at home following a tough outting, so he's likely to bounce back. I also like Housh.
  8. Flex Position

    I'd go with Galloway, better potential to get you yardage, and I'd say equal potential to get you into the endzone. "Meat Wad get the honeys see..." Love the avatar.
  9. Jamal Lewis or Ladanian Tomlinson?

    I have to agree, you gotta play LT2. I think the rule should be modified from "always start your studs" to "always start Ladanian Tomlinson, and if you don't have him, then start whatever stud you had to take because LT2 was gone".
  10. WDIS? Housh, Stallworth, Roy Williams

    I like Houshyourdaddy and Stallworth. Roy "Rock Shock... Tarheel" Williams is kind of intriguing against the Bears, but it is a road game, not exactly a Detroit strength, and since you have Jones already I'd stay with one Lion. Stallworth on Monday night is attractive too because you'll have a go to guy to pull you through on Monday if you need a few points.
  11. Mcnabb or Leftwych

    It's a tough call, but with McNabb less than 100% right now, the potential for them to put the niners away early, and the possiblity that the Eagles use a strong dose of Brian Westbrook to take pressure off McNabb, I think I'd say play Leftwich. Also, Byron is indoors in a game that they might need to throw alot just to stay in it.
  12. Anyone heard anything on TJ

    Last word I saw is he's not practicing but he's probable. Anyone hear differently or have additional information?
  13. Steeler #39 jersey on its way

    I actually bought a Jake Plummer Cardinals jersey on eBay once. Brand new with the tags for the whopping price of $3.00 and yes, he was still a Cardinal at the time!
  14. Steeler #39 jersey on its way

    Gotta agree, you can buy them and they move on and suddenly you feel foolish owning the flash in the pan jersey. If you're gonna buy one go with proven vets who aren't moving, like Manning or Harrison, Favre, Bettis, Ricky Willia....(oh, maybe not that one).
  15. Weekly Blitz

    Oh For Five Last Week Let's go with... BAL DET PIT MIA KCC
  16. What's the deal w/ Anthony Wright

    I was pondering the same question. I don't know for how long, but I think he could be a solid play this week. Looking at the success Big Ben had against Tennessee, if you're in a bind Wright could be a decent play this weekend.
  17. King Of The Mountain

    Philadelphia Eagles
  18. Linked Here I have to imagine the Eagles organization is going to frown heavily upon this move. I once tried to buy a Rattlers championship ring that was being auctioned off on eBay but the auction never made its finish as the Rattlers management got eBay to pull down the auction. T.O. says he's ready to move on and make amends...? I know the ring belongs to him and he helped to earn it along with the rest of the team, but this has just got to be another little slap in the face to the team I think. He's got the money to donate, and the clout to hold fundraisers where people will make donations, what's the deal here...?
  19. Saints

    Not for nothin but LSU got outplayed last night drastically with the exception of a few really bad coaching calls by ASU. But I'm just hoarse and bitter today.
  20. First full day of NFL football!

    Ummmm.... I don't think I should have to mention this, but WDIS threads belong in another forum. Welcome home msaint and all the best to you too.
  21. ESPN Expert Picks

    I don't know about you but I always find the ESPN expert picks somewhat interesting each week. Especially from Jaworski and Mort. But when was the last time you saw that many people pick the Cardinals? I like the new team logo format though, much more visually friendly.
  22. My Crock Pot is bigger than your Crock Pot

    My network game on the 13 inch black and white with tinfoil rabbit ears and the Swansons Turkey Dinner are lookin' pretty bleak now. But I popped for the Hungry Man and get the Cherry Cobler.
  23. Chris Cooley

    Glad to hear thoughts like this. I have Antonio Gates but of course must deal with the week one suspension. I was taking a look at Cooley and trying to decide between him and LJ Smith this week to fill for Gates. This thread could be the deciding factor. Thanks for the input everyone.
  24. 2 Hours until the draft

    My local league switched to an auction last season, so this year was our second season using that drafting style. The first year was pretty interesting as no one knew what to expect, so some seriously overpaid for players, while others got some bargains. I thought this year would be different, but it wasn't. I think if your league has all savvy owners who know what they are doing then you have to budget well. If it's going to be a crap shoot and you expect people to overpay early for the big names then there are 2 schools of thought. One would be to spend big on 2 to 4 guys and fill your roster cheap later on with players you think could turn out to be be quality role players. The second thought would be to stay out of the early overspending, and get a nice even squad in the 2 and 3 tiers, a solid all around team with even spending across the board. PM your e-mail address to me and I'd be glad to send you our draft spreadsheet to see the values everyone went at. We're a 12 team perfomance scoring league with 12 players per team and a $240 spending cap.
  25. King Of The Mountain