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  1. League Rules

    RULE BOOK 1.1 The league will consist of 16 franchises. 1.2 The length of the regular season will be 13 weeks. 1.3 Weekly league games will be played head-to-head against opposing franchises. 1.4 The league will be run on My Fantasy 1.5 The league will consist of two conferences 1.6 Each team will play each division rival twice, other conference foes once, and 3 inter-conference games. Like the NFL, 2 inter-conference divisions will be pitted against each other 1.7 The league office will consist of 2 Co-Commishioners 1.8 The league commissioners are responsible for conducting league business and arbitrating league disputes 1.9 League off-season votes require 51% to pass. No fewer than 9 "Yes" votes are needed for a rule change to pass. 1.10 In-season votes, though discouraged, require 75% to pass. 1.11 Owners are encouraged to suggest a change to the rules by posting on the Facebook Forum. 1.12 Votes will normally be conducted by e-mail or on the message board. Votes are due within 48 hours of the time sent. 1.13 There are certain situations where some leniency is needed or a rule does not address an issue specifically. In these situations, the commissioners will have the final say on the rule or rules in question. A rule will then be put into action to address the concerned situation to prevent this from happening again in the future.. 1.14 March is officially the rule revision month where changes are to be brought up and voted on if at least 3 people show interest in the change. All rules changes will have a 1 yr waiting period before they are implemented. So if in Feb 2004 a rule is changed, the 2004-2005 season is the grace period season to give everyone a chance to get accustomed to the rule change, before it goes into effect during the next season 2005-2006. Rule Changes needs 9 votes to overrule a current rule. Franchise Ownership 2.1 The cost to own a franchise and participate in the draft is $50.00 for the 2021 season. 100% of fees (minus cost of will be paid out. See the payment/payout section. Failure to meet the payment deadline will result in a fine of 2 doubloons per day up to 5 days. If dues are not paid within 10 days, a new owner will be sought and the doubloon penalty will be lifted and re-instated for the new owner. 2.2 An owner may only own one franchise. 2.3 Owners can name their franchise whatever they choose. However, since we are trying to create a realistic NFL experience the name should start with a geographic location (city, state, or area), followed by the nickname. 2.4 If an owner chooses to leave the league, is not heard from for two consecutive weeks during the season, two weeks during the RFA signing period, or 60 days during the off season a replacement owner will be sought. 2.5 Priority will be given to replacements that current owners know. If warranted, a the new owner may be granted a db balance equal to the average of the top 3 teams. 2.6 If an 'orphaned team' is in the bottom half of the league or is otherwise noncompetitive due to age, injuries, etc. a surrogate owner may be allowed to play in the league without the franchise fee for 1 year, if a paying replacement can not be sought. Or league will attempt to obtain half franchise fee if commissioners believe this franchise is an up and coming team due to draft picks, strong DTS, or young promising roster. Full payment will be requested on all new owners taking over franchises. This only applies if an owner can not be sought before the beginning of RFA. Time table on RFA will not begin until replacement owner has been found for orphaned franchise/s 2.7 Unless there are extreme circumstances, such as a medical emergency, no refunds of league fees will be given out. Paying league fees implies a commitment to run the team for the full season. Doubloons 3.1 Doubloons are the official currency of the Region Warriors DL. 3.2 Db's are used to bid on Free Agents and may also be used in trade situations. 3.3 Db's not used during the season are carried over to the following season. 3.4 Each team will be awarded 75 doubloons in the initial year of the franchise. 3.5 Each team will be awarded 35 doubloons before the rookie draft each season thereafter. 3.6 Doubloons are the sole manner to pick up free-agents during the season or the off-season RFA. 3.7 A webpage on MFL will be setup listing each owner's db account status. Tanking 4.1 Tanking is a serious threat to the integrity of the Region Warriors DL. Tanking is the act of submitting a weaker lineup in hopes of improving draft position, or by means of neglecting you team so that you are no longer managing your team. Both negatively effect the league. Under these rules you may never submit an injured person listed as “out” the injury report or a player on a bye week. These players are assured to score zero points. If you have someone on your team that could start in their place you must use them instead. Starting lesser quality players over higher quality players is allowed. However if it is believed that the owner is submitting a lineup in order to lose a game they will also receive the same penalty. Owners have a great deal of freedom to submit lineups they are comfortable with; they can take chances and start players they are comfortable with. This rule is not to make sure that you start your best 16 players but that you keep the league competitive. Owners that break these rules are brought in front of the Commissioner or a League vote who can enforce a penalty of 1 draft position on the next 1st round pick that they own. If this violation happens more than once in the season the owner will be removed from the league. The Commissioner will set that teams lineup until a replacement owner is found. The Rookie Draft 5.1 The Dynasty Wars rookie draft will start approximately May 16th. 5.2 The draft will proceed in reverse order based on the previous season's finish (total points as tie-breaker), with the following two exceptions: the RWDL Champion will draft last, (regardless of record) and the RWDL runner-up will draft second to last (regardless of record). Starting 2020, the 6 playoff teams will automatically receive the last 6 draft spots. Teams eliminated the same week will be seeded in reverse order of record (total points as the tie-breaker). 5.3 The draft will last 6 rounds. 5.4 Only rookies will be eligible to be drafted. As defined by the NFL CBA, a Rookie is defined as a person who has never signed a Player Contract with an NFL Club previous to this year. An undrafted Rookie means a Rookie who was eligible for, but not selected in a College Draft. If a player signs a contract, gets cut before playing any games, then resigns with another team, he is now a free agent and loses his rookie status. 5.5 Trading of draft selections is permitted prior to or during the draft. Teams may trade picks from the current draft and the next two future drafts only. Once a trade is made between two franchises, both parties must notify the commissioner to validate the trade. 5.6 The draft will be conducted on 5.7 Each team will have 12 hours to make their draft selection. Pre-drafting is available on MFL. 5.8 If an owner fails to submit a draft pick within his/her allocated time, that owner loses the pick to the end of that round. If an owner again fails to pick within the allocated time, owner loses the pick all together for that round. 5.9 If an owner fails to submit a draft pick for a second time after losing a pick all together, that owner will be replaced. 5.10 If an owner withdraws from the league during the draft, the draft will stop till a new owner is found and begin when the new owner is selected without penalizing the new team. Rosters 6.1 Each franchise will maintain an in-season active roster with a maximum of 40 players. (not including the DTS) 6.2 It is the owners’ decision on how many players to carry at each position. 6.3 During the off-season (day after the fantasy Superbowl till the 8/5 cut downs) there will be no roster size limitation. 6.4 All rookies will count against any max roster sizes until 'DTS day' -see rule 7.10. 6.5 Roster cut down date will be one week prior to the first NFL game at 6:00 PM EST to consist of at max 40 active players, 13 DTS players, and any IR players. On final cut down day, each owner must post a message listing his: a) active players, DTS players, and c) IR players, if any. If a team does not meet these deadlines, said team will be docked one (1) db each day until they have done so. Developmental Taxi Squad (DTS) 7.1 Each franchise will be allocated a Developmental Taxi Squad. 7.2 The DTS may contain up to 13 NFL Players. They can be on your DTS for up to 3 full seasons who have never been assigned a Wars contract. 7.3 Contracts are not allocated to DTS players. 7.4 The deadline for announcing DTS players will be one week prior to the first NFL game at 6:00 PM EST. 7.5 Players on the DTS are not eligible to start a game until they are moved onto the active roster. 7.6 Players may be moved from the DTS to the active roster after week 1 providing there is an open roster slot and a contract available. The commissioner via the Facebook message board, must be notified if an DTS player is to be put onto an active roster. 7.7 Players that are moved from the DTS to an active roster must immediately be given a contract and are now available to be in the weekly line-up. 7.8 Once a player is on an active roster (beginning 1 week prior to NFL season), he may not be placed on any DTS again. 7.9 DTS players do not participate in RFA. 7.10 DTS players must be declared by the in-season roster deadline, of one week prior to the first NFL game at 6:00 PM EST. Active roster players may not be moved to the DTS after this time. 7.11 FAs may be placed directly onto the DTS providing they meet all the requirements. 7.12 Traded players may be put onto the DTS only if they were on the other teams DTS before the trade. 7.13 DTS players that are accidentally submitted into a starting line-up will be removed and that team will get 0 points from that position. 7.14 Once a players 3rd season expires on your DTS, or the end of his 3rd season, you have until April 1, to assign him a contract or allow him to become a FA. he will never be a RFA, as he never had a contract on your team. 7.15 Players in their first three years of NFL experience may be sent to DTS, as long as they have never had a DW3 contract. Weekly Line-Ups 8.1 Each franchise may start up to 16 players each week. Package Positions 1QB,2RB,3WR,1TE,1K,2-3DL,2-3LB,2-3DB 1QB,3RB,2WR,1TE,1K,2-3DL,2-3LB,2-3DB 1 QB, 1 RB, 4WR, 1 TE, 2-3 DL, 2-3 LB, 2-3 DB 1 QB, 1-2 RB, 2-3 WR, 2 TE, 2-3 DL, 2-3 LB, 2-3 DB 8.2 Owners may start injured & bye week players, only if they have no other option on their active roster. 8.3 The deadline for naming starters is set by MFL rules, but generally a player is locked at kickoff. 8.4 On Thursday night games, only those players in that night’s game must be submitted. The rest of the lineup will not be due until kickoff of their respective games. 8.5 If no starters are named, the previous week's starters will be used (regardless if the players are active that week or not). 8.6 If an owner does not submit a starting lineup in the playoffs, the commissioner will not play your lineup and you will forfeit your game. 8.7 Players can only be inserted into a starting line-up at a position for which they are listed on their NFL teams depth chart. The official source for player positions will be Player Contracts 9.1 Each franchise has a contract cap of 100 years, which cannot be exceeded. 9.2 A player contract is the number of years that the player can remain on your roster without becoming a Restricted Free Agent. 9.3 The deadline for announcing the length of new player contracts will be 72 hours prior to kickoff of the first game of the NFL regular season. If a team does not meet this deadline, said team will be docked one doubloon each day not meeting the deadline. 9.4 Contract years conclude on Feb 15. 9.5 All players who had only one year remaining on their contracts on February 15 become Restricted Free Agents (RFA). 9.6 All players who have multiple contract years remaining on February 15 will be reduced by one contract year. 9.7 On February 15, all teams recover any years encumbered by players waived during the year (see section on waivers). 9.8 Free agents acquired during the season must immediately be signed to a contract. or will be automatically give one year. 9.9 If any team carries less than 40 players, one contract year must be left unassigned for each open roster slot when contracts are assigned. After week 8 this rule is waived. 9.10 72 hours prior to the first NFL game, each owner must post a message on the message board listing: the number of contract years attached to each player on the active roster, on his IR, and the team's total contract years entering the season (in addition to rule 6.6 requirements). If a team does not meet this deadline, see applicable 9.3 penalties. Trading 10.1 Trades between teams are unlimited. However, if any trades appear to be one-sided or otherwise unfair, the league owners may be asked to vote whether or not to approve the transaction. 10.2 Either of the 2 commissioners are the only one who may call for such a vote. However, any owner is free to bring any question regarding a trade to the attention of the commissioners. If the commissioner receives 3 requests by private message within 48 hours of the trade to put a trade up for vote, we will submit the trade to the 14 non-involved owners for a league-wide vote, absent unusual circumstances. Vote must be 1 plus 50% who vote. 10.3 The commissioners may veto any trade without calling for a vote if its not in the best interest of both teams or is detrimental to the league as a whole. Both Commissioners must agree the trade is not appropriate for rule 10.3 to be enforced 10.4 When a trade is made, BOTH owners must notify the commissioner to make the trade official via the Facebook message board. 10.5 The weekly trade deadline is ONE HOUR before kickoff, and is player specific. All trades must be accepted in MFL AND agreed to by both parties in the league forum to be considered on-time. 10.6 The annual trade deadline is Week 12. 10.7 Every player traded carries his contract with him, including the current year. 10.8 Traded players contracts will be counted against the total years available to his NEW team and removed from his prior team. 10.9 Any exchange of players between teams cannot leave either team with more than 100 total contract years for all players or exceed the maximum 40 man roster. 10.10 If any trade violates rule 10.9, the commissioner will delay the trade until such time as the affected teams can make room under the contract/roster cap. 10.11 The Dynasty Wars trading period resumes on February 15. Owners must be paid to begin trading. 10.12 You must keep up to 7 future picks in the first upcoming rookie draft including 1 of the top 3 rounds, or you must pay dues for the next yr before any trade will be approved. Drafts picks kept do not have to be your own to fit this criteria, as long as you have a pick in rounds 1-3, and 7 total. 10.13 Picks the 2nd upcoming draft may be traded, but dues must be paid for 2 yrs in advance for any pick that is moved before the start of the 1st upcoming rookie draft that violates rules 10.12. Once the first upcoming rookie draft begins, the 2nd upcoming rookie draft becomes the first upcoming rookie draft, and so on. 10.14 Picks 3 drafts in advance may not be traded. Trades may only involve upcoming draft and 2nd upcoming draft picks. Once upcoming draft begins, 2nd upcoming draft becomes first upcoming draft and so on... Free Agency (FA) 11.1 Any player not on a RWDL roster or a DTS is considered a Free Agent. 11.2 FA begins tentatively the first Wednesday after the rookie draft, unless sufficient time is not available. In addition, requests will be processed in the off-season on 3/15. FA dates: March 15 First Wednesday after the rookie draft First and 3rd Wednesdays in June/July Bi-weekly, every other week, beginning on 1st Wednesday in August Weekly once season begins FA ends last week of Reg season until March 15 the next yr 11.3 FA ends when the fantasy playoffs start. 11.4 Doubloons are used to bid on free agents. 11.5 The minimum FA bid is 1 doubloon. 11.6 Teams may only bid up to the amount of doubloons they have available. 11.7 Bids must be in whole number increments. 11.8 FA is a weekly process that occurs on Wednesday evenings at 7:00 PM CST. No pick-ups are allowed after this time until the following Wednesday. 11.9 Bids for FA’s must be submitted via Blind Bidding on MFL. 11.10 The FA weekly process will be conducted in a *blind auction* manner. (no team will know how much another team is bidding) All bids will remain *sealed* until Wednesday at 8 PM EST. 11.11 During the season, bids must contain all of the following: the name of the franchise, the name of the free agent(s) you want to acquire, the amount bid for that player, contract years to assign, a conditional release notice indicating the player you will waive to make room for the new player. Owners can submit conditional picks (ex- "Troy Aikman, if Aikman no longer available, Dan Marino"). 11.12 If more than one team requests the same player, the team submitting the highest bid will acquire that player. 11.13 During the season: In the event that two or more teams submit the same high bid for a player, the commissioner will award the free agent to the team with the worst record followed by the team that has scored the fewest points. 11.14 During the off-season: In the event that two or more teams submit the same high bid for a player, the free agent will be awarded to the team with the worst record the previous year, followed by total points. 11.15 FA pick-ups must immediately be signed to a contract during the season. An owner cannot formally add the free agent through waivers until he/she assigns a contract to the player that complies with the contract cap. There is a grace period for assigning FA contracts. This period is 24 hours OR until kickoff of the player's game, which ever comes first. After the grace period, the player defaults to a 1-year contract if none has been assigned. If the roster has no room for the player (or a 1-year contract), the FA move is reversed. Waivers 12.1 When a player is put on waivers, only his current contract year is counted against a franchise's contract ceiling. 12.2 A team can only get relief for a contract after he is assigned a new contract by any team. 12.3 All future contract years for players that are waived are credited to the team. 12.4 If a franchise waives a player and wishes to reclaim that player, the player in question must clear waivers (be dropped at least 48 hours before that week's waiver deadline and not picked up by any of the other 15 owners). 12.5 If the owner is successful in reclaiming their player, then the owner has the right to issue a new contract as long as it does not violate the teams contract cap. 12.6 Players who are waived and not signed by any other team during the year will each count as one (1) year against the waiving team's contract ceiling until February 15. This 'cap hit' includes players waived during the off-season - even if the player retires or is physically unable to perform. Restricted Free Agents (RFA) 13.1 Once a player’s contract expires, he becomes a Restricted Free Agent. 13.2 RFA bidding begins April 1 and closes on April 26. No new bids will not be accepted after April 26; "bids in process" may continue beyond April 26 until a final offer is reached for a player. 13.3 All RFA bids are made on the Facebook message board and each bid must include the player’s name and the amount bid. 13.4 Owners may not raise their own high bids and may not bid on their own players (see 13.8). 13.5 Once a bid is posted on a player, other interested owners have 24 hours to increase the bid. 13.6 Any owner may join the bidding process within the 24-hour period of the last bid. 13.7 A players' bids will be closed after 24 hours has passed with no new bids. 13.8 (a) Once a player's bids are closed, the current owner will then have 24 hours to match the high bid, trade said player, or allow the player to be signed by the highest bidding team. 13.8 (b) If a bid has been in over 24 hrs but we haven't had time to close it, new bids will not count. And the current owner has 48 hours from the last bid. 13.9 Owners may drop out of the bidding process for any individual player at any time unless they have the high bid. They may re-enter the process as long as bidding remains active for the player in question. 13.10 Owners who place bids must have enough doubloons available to cover all outstanding high bids. 13.11 If an owner overbids their budget at any time, that owner will be assessed a fine of 20% of his db balance and all players that said team has the high bid will be removed from the board. These same players will remain RFAs and may be placed back on the board with valid bids. 13.12 After the RFA signing period, any players that did not receive bids will remain on the current team's roster at no cost. 13.13 Restricted Free-agents may be traded for cash, picks or other players at any time. Franchise Tags [Restricted free agency cont'] 13.14 - Each yr an owner may designate 1 player to be his franchise player whose contract expires, before April 1 RFA. 13.15 - Cost to designate a franchise player is 10 doubloons each year. 13.16 - Franchise player may be bid on by the league, but said owner only has to pay half the amount of the high bid or 10 doubloons, whichever is greater. Owner does not pay both cost, and high bid, just the greater of the 2. 13.17 - If current owner does not have the cash, or chooses not to match high bid of franchise player, said owner receives amount of high bid, plus high bids 1st round pick in the upcoming rookie draft. If high bid owner does not have a 1st round pick in upcoming rookie draft, said owner pays his highest pick in that draft plus 1st round pick in the next draft. If said owner does not have a 1st round pick in 2nd upcoming draft, he pays his highest pick in that draft as well and his 1st round pick in the 3rd upcoming draft. High bid owner could be out up to 3 draft picks if he chooses to trade his 1st round picks, and bid on opposing owners franchise players. 13.18 - 1.) - If you only have your original 1st...... then obviously you forfeit that pick. 2.) - If you have multiple 1st. Rd. picks and one of them is your original...... then you forfeit your original 1st. .... regardless of what the other pick is. 3.) - If you own multiple picks and none of them are your original then you forfeit the pick that is closest to your original pick in the order.... regardless of direction. EXAMPLES - if you originally owned the 1.6.... and now you own the 1.5 & 1.8...... you'd forfeit the 1.5. if you owned the 1.3.... and now own the 1.1 & 1.6..... then yes, you'd forfeit the 1.1. if you owned the 1.12..... and now own the 1.1 & 1.14.... then you'd forfeit the 1.14. a dice roll will determine the pick.... if you own 2 picks exactly in the middle of your original pick. For example if your original pick was 1.9, and you now have picks 1.7 and 1.11, you roll the dice. 3 100 sided dice = maximum roll of 300. If you roll 151 or higher you give up the highest pick of the 2, which is 1.11, if you roll 150 or lower you give up the lowest pick of the 2, which is 1.7. Injured Reserve (IR) 14.1 Each team has a maximum of 8 Injured Reserve slots. 14.2 When placed on IR, only the player’s current contract year is credited to the team. 14.3 IR is available starting with the August 5th roster cut down. 14.4 All future contract years for players on IR will continue to count against a franchise's contract ceiling. 14.5 Once a player is placed on Injured Reserve he must remain there for the remainder of that season. 14.6 Once a player is placed on IR, the team can pick up another player but they must go through the Free Agent channel as with any other pick up. (This essentially allows the signing of another player with that one contract year and active slot) 14.7 At the conclusion of the Super Bowl, all players on IR will become part of the active roster and count towards any off-season roster limits, if any. 14.8 During the season, a player qualifies for the IR by being designated as "IR" on MFL, 14.9 During the pre-season, a player qualifies for IR by being listed as "out for the year", in addition to any rule 14.8 eligibility. Play-Offs 15.1 The Dynasty Wars' play-offs begin on week fourteen (14) of the NFL season. 15.2 The play-offs conclude on week sixteen (16) with the Warrior Bowl. 15.3 Six teams advance to the post-season. Three teams from each conference: both division winners and 1 wildcard. 15.4 Week 14 will consist of the Wildcard Games: seed 1 receives a bye, seed 2 vs seed 3 in each Conference. 15.5 Week 15 is the Semi-Finals: seed 1 vs lowest seed remaining in each conference. 15.6 Week 16 is the Warrior Bowl: week 15 winners. 15.7 Week 16 is also the Duct Tape Bowl: week 15 losers. The game is solely for the purpose of determining 3rd place money (will not count in the record books, for draft seeding, etc.). 15.8 The Region Warriors tie-breaking system for play-off qualification and seeding is as follows. Teams will first be sorted within their division by the criteria below and the two division winners will always be the top 2 seeds. 1. Head-to-head record- including group head to head winning percentage if more than 2 teams. 2. Total Overall Points 3. Division Record 4. Dice Roll 5. The two division winners will always be the top 2 seeds. 15.9 Once the 2 division winners are established using the above criteria, teams vying for the wild-card spot will then be re-seeded from scratch using the above criteria (criteria 3 only used if all tied teams from the same division). Hence it is a 2-step process, each step being independent of the other. 15.10 All playoff teams with the home field advantage will receive a .5 credit in the event of a tie. 15.11 Sample tie-breaker for a wild-card spot or a division title: 4 teams (A, B, C, D) are tied at 8-5. A & B are 5-3 in group head-to-head, C & D are 3-5. C & D are eliminated. The A & B tie is then broken restarting from step 1 of the tie-breakers. In this hypothetical, A & B split their 2 games at 1-1. B had more overall points. Hence B gets the #1 seed, while A is #2. Payouts/Payments 16.1 The season will cost 50$. The payment deadline will be May 10th 16.2 All fees will be collected using Venmo, Paypal, or cash. 16.3(a) Any payment not received by March 10, said owner will be docked 1 doubloon per day for up to 1 week, 7 days until payment arrives. Ex: its 3 days late, docked 3 Dbs. 16.3(b) On March 17th, 1 week and 1 day later, new ownership will be sought and the 7 doubloons will go back to the team for the new owner. 16.4 Payout will be 100% of franchise fees minus the cost of running the software- currently slightly less than 5$ an owner. 16.5 All payouts will occur within seven days of the week 16 Super Bowl. 16.6 The top four playoff teams will divide the pot as follows:1st-45%; 2nd-30%,3rd-15%,4th-10%. Payouts may be rounded to the nearest 10$ where appropriate, but still in accordance with rule 16.4. Scoring Extra Points - 1 20 yards passing - 1 10 yards rushing/receiving - 1 TD pass 4 Interception - (-1) Rushing/Receiving/Special Teams TD - 6 Reception - .5 Fumble - (-2) 2 pt reception/run/pass - 2 Field goal - 3, 4, or 5 Tackle - 2 Asst tackle - 1 TFL- 1 Sack - 3 Fumble recovery - 2 Forced Fumble - 3 Interception - 3 Safety - 3 Pass defended - 1.5 Defensive TD - 6 18.1 Scoring will be decimal based. 18.2 Offensive players will only receive credit for offensive statistics; defensive players for defensive statistics. FA dates: March 15 First Wednesday after the rookie draft First and 3rd Wednesdays in June/July Bi-weekly, every other week, beginning on 1st Wednesday in August Weekly once season begins FA ends last week of Reg season until the March 15 the next yr March is Rule Revision month - see 1.17 league Fees are Due February 15 Franchise tags are due on March 31 at midnight Eastern. April 1-26 is RFA. Yearly doubloon restock occurs when RFA is completed. Rookie Draft is in May Some Franchise tag loopholes addressed, and to clarify the intention of the rule. The tag is used to protect one player per owner per yr. The Franchise player is for the month of RFA only. Basically it is to allow you to protect 1 player during the month of RFA, or get some sort of compensation for that player if you don't have enough cash to match, or choose to take the pick and cash over the player you franchised. Once RFA is over, the FP is just another player on your roster, and you get to use the tag again the next yr on someone. The cost of the franchise tag is $10. That $10 is the current high bid on the franchise player for bidding purposes. the current owner only has to match half the bid amount, so the first available bid if you want to go after someones franchise player is $22. Which ups the current owners bid by 1, from 10 to 11 because he only has to match half. All Bids on FP must be in even numbers, as again the current owner only has to match half the bid.