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  1. Nate Harris

    Does anyone know if any teamed signed ILB Nate Harris - Louisville as an unsigned FA? I can understand why the Bengals may have not, but come on there are lots of teams that don't mind a little run with the law.
  2. Steal of the Draft

    I fully expect that Bush will end up (in the next 2 or 3 years) to be the true steal of this draft. The guy is a beast. The broken leg was an unfortunate thing, particularly since the Kentucky player can be seen twisting his leg during the tackle ... He should have stayed at UofL and played another year with Brohm - next year's top QB.
  3. NCAA Tourney Official Thread

    The Louisville - Texas A&M game appears to be the cream of the 2nd round games so far.
  4. The Top 25

    No love for the Cardinals? Come on two road wins v. Pitt (I agree that they will be high seed early exit from the tourney) & Marquette. Can anyone explain how someone loses to N.Dak. State & then three straight games losses & still is in the top 20?
  5. Why?

    Actually, with all busting of Norv that was going on in there; I can only suspect that Norv must have greased a few palms....
  6. schotty fired

    Bobby Petrino - the grass has got to be greener in SD than Atlanta. That guy will follow the $$s anywhere.
  7. schotty fired

    With the way things are going is a return to DC (after Joe Gibbs last season) out of the question?
  8. Kiper's Initial Mock Draft

    Still suffering from flashes of Tim Couch under center?
  9. Colts/Ravens Game Thread

    Nice defense by the Colts right now.
  10. Commentary on Big Ten

    What kind of animal was trying to get in this guy's crotch? Is that what they do for fun in the sunshine state?
  11. Georgia (8-4) vs. Virginia Tech (10-2)

    As an anti-SEC & anti-ACC fan, I can hardly care.... Any chance this can end in a tie --- Oops, from a gambling perspective I do feel differently... Go Hokies...
  12. best team to lose a Super bowl?

  13. Dnvr Homers?

    Does it look like Shanny has a preference this week for either or is it going to be a game time decision?
  14. The Minnesota-Green Bay thread

    So is Farve going to throw for 300 yards with no TDs tonight?