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  1. Divisional Round games chat

    Apparently the kicking balls have magnets that are attracted to the goalposts.
  2. In final talks.
  3. The admins moved it to a hidden forum
  4. Wildcard games chat

    Why take a time out there if they were going to punt?
  5. Wildcard games chat

    For winning the division. they got the #4 seed. Non-division winners get the 5-7 seeds.
  6. Wildcard games chat

    Why did Indy burn their last time out there?
  7. Wildcard games chat

    Did the refs have to discuss that incomplete pass?
  8. OG Check-In

    You were reading posts at that time and you just read the wine & scanner thread?
  9. Who is Joshualdoro and did they hack your site

    He is a spammer, so i flagged him as a spammer. Among other things it is supposed to delete the links to his screen name, but this is the first time it didn't do it
  10. Tennessee vs Green Bay (SNF)

    The Packers are in bad shape in the salary cap next year.
  11. Washington cut Haskins today.
  12. Week 16 chat

    Goff slid 1 yard short of a 1st down, causing a punt.
  13. Brees return impact

    So you are The Six Kings? I'm still hanging around.
  14. Brees return impact

    There is a Huddler named Hugh One. Since you are new to this forum, a brief summary: a user named zander666 who made a similar post with the "hugh" typo. Since then any meant "huge" would be entered with "hugh"
  15. Derek Carr injured

    Left groin injury.