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  1. OG Check-In

    The search function is not working correctly. But i found one.: 2006 Huddle Awards results. - Fantasy Football - The Huddle Forums
  2. OG Check-In

    How come i didn't hear about that until now?
  3. OG Check-In

    Skippy died? Hugh B Tool also died.
  4. Josh Gordon reinstated

    That's what i get for trusting the 4 letter channel
  5. Josh Gordon reinstated

    He can play starting week 16
  6. Seahawks vs Eagles (MNF)

    for a couple plays
  7. Seahawks vs Eagles (MNF)

  8. Who's your best FF player of ALL TIME?

    Emmett Smith
  9. OG Check-In

    AtomicCEO is long gone
  10. They just moved the game to Wednesday
  11. Mike Garafolo @MikeGarafolo The #Packers are signing veteran WR Tavon Austin, source says. Was with the #Rams when Matt LaFleur (pronounced La-Flew-er, ) was there.. @TomPelissero. Looks like a better player than what have (besides Adams)
  12. Who's your personal FF MVP?

    Keenan Allen
  13. Bears vs Packers (SNF)

    The Packers have a terrible run defence
  14. D Cook needed medical attention.

    He is back in the game
  15. OG Check-In

    Big John here