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  1. Broncos vs Browns (TNF)

    Is OBJ of any usage?
  2. Is this trade veto able?

    A hugh able thread here
  3. The Newbie Welcome Thread

    i zapped the spammer.
  4. The Newbie Welcome Thread

    Bump for the OP turning 50 today.
  5. Bills vs Titans (MNF)

    Tell the announcers that Tannehill doesn't play for Buffalo.
  6. Bills vs Titans (MNF)

    Trying to return the Music City miracle?
  7. Milk Carton-Week 6

    He is in.
  8. Did Rodgers catch a pass today?

    Richard Rodgers was drafted by the Packers, but is now on the Cards practice squad.
  9. Week 6 Chat

    please post WDIS questions in the Advice forum.
  10. Who's the doofus now?

    Having another week with little action.
  11. Dolphins vs Jaguars (London)

    There are a couple of 70s, a couple 80s, but most are younger.
  12. Dolphins vs Jaguars (London)

    He should have run it on 3rd and 2 instead of a last-second pass.
  13. TY Hilton?

    He just got taken off IR.
  14. Christian McCaffrey returns to practice field

    He was put on IR today, need to wait 3 weeks.