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  1. Dulin who?

    Caught a 62 yard TD pass for Indy.
  2. Week 12 Chat

    For the last 2 weeks, the packers have a Jefferson problem.
  3. Kareem Hunt, In or out?

    He was activated today.
  4. Lamb out today

    He did not pass concussion protocol.
  5. Ingram not playing tonight

    Confirmed, he is officially inactive
  6. How to Win

    The site is 24 years old.
  7. How to Win

    He is copying what blitzkrieg always said.
  8. Week 12 Chat

    This isn't college football, you can't call back to back timeouts.
  9. Lamb out today

  10. How to Win

    Chief Dick
  11. Kamara ruled out for weeks 10 & 11

    Ingram is still questionable.
  12. Kamara ruled out for weeks 10 & 11

    Add another week out.
  13. Derrick Henry

    He was cut today.
  14. What do you need MNF Tampa vs NYG

    Brady to get less than 25 Barkley to get less than 17 Godwin to get less than 23
  15. Week 11 Chat

    Lamb is out the rest of the game (head)
  16. Hellaire??

    Got a TD, with a taunting on that play. Late game GTD
  17. Lamar Jackson Sent Home From Practice Due to Illness

    He is officially inactive.
  18. MFL

    Yes. The firewall says the security certificate is expired on all the MFL prefixes.

    You would be guessing wrong.
  20. Roeth on Covid list week 10, now cleared

    He just passed protocol and will play week 11.