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  1. How Should I Have Played This Poker Hand?

    I would have done the same thing as he just called after the flop. If he raised then I would have been more concerned with the 10 or 7 coming into play. It is his slow play that made you HAVE to call his bet.
  2. Jericho 5-10-2007

  3. Is This Wrong?

    If the teacher was not a skank it would be fine.
  4. Say something about the huddler above you...

    Couples shower
  5. Poker Starting Hand Nicknames

    Accidently my ass!
  6. Dallas locker room much more relaxed

  7. Poker Starting Hand Nicknames

    Two pair A's & 8's is the dead mans hand.
  8. McNabb on the way out of Philly?

    Newbies ... I'm not from Kansas.
  9. McNabb on the way out of Philly?

    An honest Eagle Fan!
  10. McNabb on the way out of Philly?

    History says it will work out fine for Dallas.
  11. McNabb on the way out of Philly?

    Well I will give you this .... Romo and Garcia do have something in common with all Eagle QB's in history ... zero SB victories.
  12. McNabb on the way out of Philly?

    LOL ... Maybe McFagg would have a better that .500 record if the coaches made it easier on him as well. I heard somewhere that he wasn't that smart anyway. 5-1 > 5-5 Maybe in the slum schools of Philly .500 is greater than .833!
  13. McNabb on the way out of Philly?

    Garcia (6 Games) TD’s – 10 (1.66 per game) Int. – 2 (.33 per game) Rating – 95.8 Record - 5-1 (Only loss to Indy) McNabb (10 Games) TD’s – 18 (1.8 per game) Int’s – 6 (.6 per game) Rating – 95.5 Record – 5-5
  14. Ricky Williams Tests Positive For Mary Jane

    WHAT??? an idiot!!!!
  15. Legal Document-Pacman Appeal

    This document has been leaked so the confidential nature is already lost. Link to Report Note that you can save a copy to your computer if you'd like. Intersting list of offenders.
  16. Legal Document-Pacman Appeal

    I really like the steps Roger Goodell has made thus far.
  17. Spikes Speaks

    This topic is about Spikes and his hope to win a title.
  18. Spikes Speaks

    Actually the only teams fanbase that are allowed to talk to the Cowboy fans about Championships are they 49er and Steeler bases. As Cowboy fans we respect WHAT??? they have done over their histories with five trophies. There are a few others like the Patriots of late that deserve respect as well but only the other 5-timers are on the same level. BTW, Dallas won three SB's in the '90's ... that is not 30 years ago. The Chiefs and Jets? LOL! They have not won a SB in like 38 years ... But at least they have done it once.
  19. McNabb on the way out of Philly?

    No, because he's not the QB he was even a few years ago and definitely not as good as Garcia.
  20. Spikes Speaks

    That is another reason (see below) why the Eagles will never win one ... they do not think SB until they make the playoffs. In Dallas it's SB or bust which has worked for us five times. It's impossible to open the eyes of a team and fan base that has never been to the promised land.
  21. McNabb on the way out of Philly?

    Last season and the five before that are also in the past ... so quit bringing them up.
  22. Spikes Speaks

    Think big ... not just playoffs!
  23. McNabb on the way out of Philly?

    The Eagles have had a nice little six year run but not a SUPER run. To bad for your team that when they had the better team they could not do anything SUPER with it. You take your little six year span ... Dallas will and does take most all of the other years. The Eagles are the Sacramento Kings of the NFL ... close to the top but NO!
  24. Spikes Speaks

    Why does he think the Eagles will all of a sudden do something they have NEVER done before? Beacuse he's there?
  25. McNabb on the way out of Philly?

    Alllow me to retort ... with facts! Dallas Cowboys: All-time regular season franchise record: 401 - 299 - 6 All-time postseason franchise record: 32 - 23 Philadelphia Eagles: All-time regular season franchise record: 471 - 516 - 25 All-time postseason franchise record: 17 - 17 Head to Head Dallas leads 51-41