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  1. McNabb on the way out of Philly?

    See sigline.
  2. McNabb on the way out of Philly?

    Roy Williams and the Cowboys defense really want him to stay!
  3. Anyone watch the Unit?

    Great show last night ... a little of everything. I hope next season is not a prison break type thing.
  4. Heroes

    I think he has the cure for Molly in his blood.
  5. Kansas Huddlers

    Damage Pictures
  6. BIG trouble in little Philly?

    Les Bowen, of the Philadelphia Daily News, reports Philadelphia Eagles QB Donovan McNabb and head coach Andy Reid had a meeting at the team's complex Tuesday, May 1, according to a team spokesman. Details of their discussion were not available. Reid said he tried to contact McNabb Saturday, April 28, following the selection of QB Kevin Kolb in the NFL Draft and left a message with McNabb telling the quarterback that he remained a part of the team's plans. McNabb reportedly arrived to the team's training facility Monday, April 30, for rehab but did not speak with Reid, amid speculation that McNabb was not happy about the selection of Kolb.
  7. Mother's Day Gift Ideas for 1st Time Moms

    I understand you're a newbie fisherman but for others that may care ... the point is that a new mother has little time for herself, the coupons give her some.
  8. Mother's Day Gift Ideas for 1st Time Moms

    This is actually a good gift but make the book with coupons she WANTS! Like: One Free Back Massage One Free Foot Massage Afternoon Off to Shop One Free Home Cooked Dinner One Free Night Of Sleep (Dad gets up when baby crys) Etc.
  9. Installing XP Pro over Vista

    I think you have to uninstall Vista from your machine first then install XP.
  10. Saw a terrible accident on Friday

    http://www.ocregister.com/ocregister/homep...cle_1682438.php Inattentive driving (55-60) without breaking leading to a crash with fatalities equals a manslaughter charge for each fatality..
  11. Kansas Huddlers

    We had one about three miles away that went through with little damage. Greensburg is about four hours from the KC metro so most of us are unaffected directly for the F5. I have drove through Greensburg many times on my way to New Mexico, it was a nice town with nice people. Very sad.
  12. Saw a terrible accident on Friday

    You bet ... and you can bet the family will sue for millions. Of course that does nothing in the overall situation.
  13. Saw a terrible accident on Friday

    California Highway Patrol officials say the driver of the tractor-trailer, Jorge Miguel Romero, 37, was traveling 55-60 mph just before the crash. An initial investigation turned up no mechanical problems with the big-rig. Romero was not cited, but CHP officials have not ruled out charges, saying an investigation will take several weeks to complete. Court records show Romero has been cited twice, in 2002 and 2006, for speeding in a tractor-trailer. He was ticketed for driving without his lights on in 2005 and for driving on a suspended license in 1997. The big-rig, carrying a load of electronics, is owned by KW Express, a Carson-based hauling company. Data from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration show that on a scale of 100, the firm has a driver safety score of 74, meaning 74 percent of companies rank higher in that safety category. The score is not considered deficient, however, and further details on the safety record were not immediately available. This guy MUST face three murder/manslaughter charges!
  14. Saw a terrible accident on Friday

    Just terrible. I wonder if the driver was an illegal. Even if he wasn't ... Mexican truck companies are allowed on our streets but they do not have to follow the same saftey regulations.
  15. Colorado Springs

    I'm heading to Colorado Springs later this month for a HS graduation. After that we plan on hitting Pikes Peak and the surrounding area for a couple days with the kids. Any advice on where to go and WHAT??? to see?
  16. Colorado Springs

    You have chosen to ignore all posts from: NSab. · View this post · Squeeze me a little harder NSab
  17. How many hours

  18. Cleanse For Life Diet

    Proven method -- Healthy eating and regular exercise.
  19. Colorado Springs

    Thanks guys!
  20. help our troops

    You think? Hi Buddy, Military does not say buddy How are you doing? I am in need of your assistance. I am Capt. Cochran Todd . I am on my second duty posting It's not called a posting here, attached to the Engineering unit only one in Iraq? LOL in Baghdad Iraq for the United States, we have about $8 Million dollars that we want to secure out of the country. My comrades are we Russian? and I require an understanding partner out there who we can trust to actualize this aspiration WHAT??? The money was discovered in bucks WHAT???. from oil proceeds here in Baghdad. we know where the war is. We are moving it to a safe and secure destination inform of consignment through a financial institution in auspice with international express delivery courier services. WHAT??? While we try not to loss guard,WHAT??? I will like to believe that once the founds you mean funds? get to you, we can find mutual trust, as you might rightly know I cannot in anyway WHAT??? leave my duty post for now. I here by make you an offer of 30% of the total bucks WHAT??? for your partnership. And you carefully secure the rest 70% for us. Your part of this deal is to find a safe and secure Bank Account in any country of your choice where the fund can be deposited as soon as the finance institution release it to you. If you are interested I will furnish you with more details. Awaiting your urgent response. This is our likelihood, our soldiers die like chickens day by day Here's where they need their asses kicked. soldiers do not say stuff like that about their fellow soldiers. and not all can be tell on BBC or CNN. Only the reward which we benefit from the Iraq war is what we discovered and we are not even sure of what will happen to us in the next minute. WHAT??? Keep holding on buddy! Capt. Cochran Todd US ARMY-TROOPS IN BAGHDAD, IRAQ. How about a unit number? Division? E-mail:capt_todd@latinmail.com WHAT???
  21. Lost

    Makes sense that they would not want to be found by the others or the airplane passangers ... they both are threats to them now.
  22. No black Prez

    A black man or a white woman ... are those our only choices?
  23. Have you seen the Brady Quinn exposed pictures

    I beat SF is pissed they did not draft him now.
  24. No black Prez

    I thought so as well.
  25. BIG trouble in little Philly?

    Got rings??!!