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  1. Eagles Release Dhani Jones

    1st - Easy thread to miss with a gayboy title like "Later Bowtie Boy." 2nd- He must be following Garcia then.
  2. Your schools non-conference opponents for 07

  3. Dallas Mavericks clinch #1 seed

    "Home Field Advantage thru the Playoffs" = one series?
  4. Guys that were'nt drafted.

    Leak is a Bear.
  5. Dallas fans...

    Sarge --- WHAT??? are your thoughts on Tanard Jackson. Cleveland WILL have a top 10 and most likely top 5 draft slot for Dallas next year.
  6. What are you drinking today while watching the draft?

    Jack Daniels and Bulliet.
  7. Trung Canidate to Workout for DALLAS

    According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, the Cowboys plan to bring in former St. Louis Rams running back Trung Canidate for a workout. Canidate, who has been out of football since 2003 because of a foot injury, is now healthy and trying to make a comeback. The 5-foot-11, 212-pound Canidate has recently been timed in the 4.4-second range in the 40-yard dash.
  8. Minnesota locked onto Landry?

    Sounds like a smoke screen as that makes a Washington trade more likely and then Landry will NOT be there for the Vikings.
  9. Detroit to draft Johnson

    What do you expect them to say? Trade with us if you want Johnson or we'll take him.
  10. Denver and Houston swap 1st rounders

    KFFL is usually acurate but has anyone found confirmation on this?
  11. Friday night poker

    I'm in!! Anyone got directions?
  12. Disney is coming out of the closet

    The only people that like gays are gays.

    If they want Quinn then switch picks with Cleveland.
  14. Jared Allen suspended for 4 games next season

    Damn Chiefs ... Just a bunch of criminals.
  15. *** NFL Draft Contest ***

    1 QB, Russell, LSU 2 WR, Johnson, Georgia Tech 3 QB, Quinn, Notre Dame 4 DE, Adams, Clemson 5 OT, Thomas, Wisconsin 6 DT, Okoye, Louisville 7 RB, Peterson, Oklahoma 8 S, Landry, LSU 9 OT, Brown, Penn St. 10 LB, Willis, Mississippi 11 DE, Carriker, Nebraska 12 LB, Timmons, Florida St. 13 DT, Branch, Michigan 14 TE, Olsen, Miami 15 CB, Hall, Michigan
  16. Friday Movie Game

    Val Kilner - Tombstone
  17. Friday Movie Game

    Paul Betany - Da Vinci Code
  18. sorry barry bonds

    If only it was so. Hank will still be the HR king in most peoples eyes even after BB breaks the record.
  19. Disney is coming out of the closet

    Marriage is between a man and a woman not a punk and a bitch!
  20. Pre-Draft Trade Rumor Summary Thread

    This is a great deal for Detroit. It would be a no-brainer if they knew Cleveland would not take Brady "Medicine Woman" Quinn.
  21. I've Got A Sickness

    Which one?
  22. I've Got A Sickness

    I do the same thing ever year ... it's like a national holiday.
  23. Trung Canidate to Workout for DALLAS

    This has nothing to do with JJ and Babrber can not be a every down back. This adds a third down back and return guy, Tyson Thompson got hurt last year and they are looking for depth. Sign him , bring him in and if he stinks it up no harm ... cut him. The problem I have is that Jerry Jones may be thinking of trading up to get Adrian Peterson which means getting to #6 ahead of the Vikings. That will cost the bank and he'd have to deal with the Foreskins to get there. This is just depth ... I hope.
  24. Swiss' mock draft

    If Branch is there at 22 Dallas will take him. I do not expect him to be there.
  25. Pre-Draft Trade Rumor Summary Thread

    Nice work muck ... Dallas Update: Jones said he already has two offers to move out of the 1st round that would net him a first-round pick for the 2008 draft.