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  1. 28 minutes ago, rajncajn said:

    Sure looks like it. I've got another friend that takes a lot of back country trips like that as well & he's always trying to get me to go on one.

    Next time you're chasing through Mississippi along I-10, hit me up on FB. I'd love to go catch lunch or a drink.


    I was down that way this year chasing for the first time. It is hard to chase in all those trees lol. If I come down again I will let you know. :-) 

  2. Grabbing knee on the sidelines after running awkwardly to sidelines.


    It looks like his knee had serious movement in it ... does not look good at all. I hate to say it but it look like a classic ACL.


    UPDATE - Cart came out --- He is in locker room.

  3. I have the 6th pick tonight and was curious on opinions. I do not like Jones-Drew to have much of a year but he is ranked higher everywhere than McCoy. The top four RB’s will be off the board for sure. I wish Ray Rice would fall but unlikely. I will have Drew or McCoy to go with. I do not want to go QB or WR at this point.




    Standard scoring league 1pt per 20 yards rush/rec.

  4. Roy? Really? Hmmm I thought the cap accelerated hit was too high to let him go.


    From ESPN ...


    "None of the cuts qualifies as a huge surprise, though there was some thought that Williams might represent too big a cap hit. But as Calvin reported Monday, designating Williams as a June 1 cut makes him a $5 million savings this year instead of a $12.9 million hit as we had previously thought."