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  1. why the bears will crush the vikings

    .......And the Vikings offense scored how many TD's vs the Panthers?? 0! Longwell threw the only TD, a KICKER!!! Carolina's D is good, Chicago's is as good if not better. Bears win by at least 10 points. Granted. GB and Det are pretty bad teams, Min and Chi both won games they should have won. (Portis-out, Smith-out) If these guys play, I don't think Min is 2-0, more like 0-2, and this thread wouldn't have even been started.
  2. Caddy or SA?

    Caddy. He'll play the whole game. SA will probably leave after he scores to break the record.......
  3. The Huddle does it again!

    Congrats!! I said it before in an earlier post, this is THE BEST ff site there is!!
  4. Biggest bust of fantasy '05

    Agree with all, but my vote goes to Randy Moss.
  5. Dp I have hope in my SuperBowl?

    If NE wins tonight and next week and Cincy loses next week, Pats get #3 seed. So there is plenty to play for tonight and next week for the Pats. So the Def should put up good FF points tonight!! Good Luck!!!
  6. WDIS: McCown v. Martin

    Great job! Congrats! I agree this is the best site. Good luck next year!
  7. Thanks Huddler's!

    Thanks everyone!! It was a great year! Good luck again to all that are still in it!!! Go Phins!! Next year looks good!!
  8. All comes down to Ravens

    I highly doubt they'll shut out the Vikings tomorrow, so you'll save those 10 points. hopefully for you the Vikes won't turn the ball over...... Good Luck!!!
  9. Down 5 in Championship

    I'd go with the Patriots. They are on FIRE and the Jets, well, the Jets are the Jets... Good luck!!
  10. Thanks Huddler's!

    Rolled the dice and sat LT in favor of Caddy! Turned out to be the right move. All day I thought sitting LT would come back and haunt me, I'm glad it didn't.... In another league...... J Martin(Garrard and McCown had similar #'s) LJ and Chambers were my horses! Thanks for all your help in all the questions you all answered for each other, and for me. Pat yourselves on the back for a job well done!! Repeat champion in both of these leagues, with 1 more next week. Hope I have the luck on my side for one more week! This is by far the best FF web site!! Good luck to all that are still playing and congrats to those who have already won! Happy Holidays!!!
  11. WDIS at WR?

    Moush, Stallworth, and Glenn
  12. Please help = (

  13. Do I dare sit LT?

  14. LT, Fast Willie or S. Jax

    If it's bad weather in Cle. Bettis might get a majority of the carries, like in the Bears game. I have LT also and have a tough choice, but I do have a couple of different options than you, I'd go LT and S.Jax(if healthy). If not obviously Parker. Good luck!
  15. AJ will play the whole game and has put up pretty decent numbers of late. I think he's the safer play here.