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  1. Trade: Fireflies/Reform

  2. AWARDED - RFA21 - Lutz, Wil PK - River City Reform

  3. Trade Shisha and River city reform

  4. MATCHED - FRAN21 - Hill, Tyreek WR - River City Reform

    match it up
  5. 2021 Franchise Tag Declaration

    F that and f this league if that's the way y'all doing it... It's BS. Next year f that if a rule is so bad that you have to change it. Change it asap and don't wait. Waiting another year to implement a already broken rule is not fair to owners.
  6. 2021 Franchise Tag Declaration

    What does that link show? I can see from the link that something happened with kittle and he was matched. But both things shouldnt go on at the same time. Tford in none of the leagues you and I are in are like this. Have a hard time believing this league is like this, I've been in this league since day 1 Show the rules part....
  7. 2021 Franchise Tag Declaration

    Franchise tag bidding over we are in rfa
  8. 2021 Franchise Tag Declaration

    Wait we are in RFA now Franchise tag player bidding concluded when rfa started Restricted free agency is what we are doing now. In none of my leagues has franchise tagged players and rfa gone on at the same time. It's a totally different section in the rule book. These 2 things involve dynasty/blind bidding dollars and should not be mixed together. We have not done both in this league before... What's up
  9. MATCHED - RFA21 - Henry, Derrick TEN RB (Fireflies)

    match henry
  10. Trade: Fireflies/Reform

  11. MATCHED - RFA21 - SIMMONS, JUSTIN DEN S (River City Reform)

    match it up
  12. 2021 Franchise Tag Declaration

    Tyreek hill
  13. river city roster 2020

    te arnold $1
  14. river city roster 2020

    Cut k elliot and bjones and adavis 3 dead years. Promote rb gibson 6 lb simmons 6.
  15. river city roster 2020

    Dropped te fmoreau dead yr