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  1. WDIS

    Who should I start at QB: T. Romo @ Ariz or B. Favre @ Minn Who should I start at RB: W. Dunn vs. Cleveland or M. Bell @ Oakland This is a standard scoring league. Thanks.
  2. Was this fair?

    This was not a fair trade and should not have gone through.
  3. RB Dilemma

    I forgot to add that this is a standard scoring league.
  4. RB Dilemma

    Who should I start C. Taylor at home vs. New England or T. Henry at home vs. Houston?
  5. I have the following QB's to choose from (pick one): M. Brumell @ St. Lous R. Fitzpatrick vs. Was D. Garrard @ Cleveland My WR's are (pick 2) D. Stallowrth vs. TB D. Branch vs. NE I. Bruce vs. Was E. Kennison vs. Den Ths is a standard performance league. Thnaks.
  6. Nice dilemma?

    Anyone else.
  7. WDIS TE?

  8. no brainer?

    Make the trade.
  9. Nice dilemma?

    Who shoul I start at QB? M. Bulger @ IND M. Brunell @ KC This is a performance league.
  10. The problem with both RB's is that once L. Suggs and R. Wiliams come back you do not know there status. I would not make that trade.
  11. Trade Advice

    Its going to depend on who else you have, but I would not make that trade.
  12. Wild Card

    I would start L Evans. He seems to be more in sync with J.P. Losman than E. Moulds.
  13. LJordan for W.Parker?

    I would take Jordan.
  14. Trade advice

    I would not make that trade.