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  1. Mostert or Scott Flex?

    With sanders out should I plug Scott for week 1? Currently I have Mostert in my flex position. I also have questionable tags on Cortland Sutton and Mike Evans as possible flex starters. What say you?
  2. Please rate my draft

    Should be in my signature? I can't see it on my phone bit it shows up ony desktop
  3. Please rate my draft

    12 team ppr kept Courtland Sutton in 10th round
  4. WR help

  5. TE start Hunter henry / Jared cook

    I would say Cook
  6. 12 team ppr who should I start at flex. Courtland Sutton, Mecole hardman, Raheem Mostert, Boston Scott or Marvin Jones?
  7. How much would you spend?

    100 $
  8. How much would you spend?

  9. How much would you spend?

    Owner in my league dropped Calvin Ridley for A.J. Brown. Not sure what he was smoking when he made that call. How much would you spend to pick him off waivers? Full point PPR 12 man league.
  10. Where does AB end up?

  11. keeper help... Travis Kelce or Aaron Jones?

    Is Ertz or Kittle really worth a 3rd round pickup?
  12. In a 12 man full point PPR Starting 1 QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE and FLEX. I am drafting from the #4 position in a snake draft and we are only able to keep 1. 17 rounds total. I can keep Kelce with a 2nd round pick or Aaron Jones with an 11th. I'm leaning towards Aaron Jones but having second thoughts. Don't think I can still get Kelce at the turn at 2 and I'm not sure about Jones holding up with injury history. Jones has great value in the 11th round. Still I am torn. these are my best options for keepers. Any advice would be welcome. Thanks All !