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  1. Can Dwelley be useful for 3 weeks?

    I'm using Pat Freiermuth for now.
  2. I'm a Kittle owner I picked him up as a long shot for a few weeks. I feel dirty like I've just been scavenging through someone's garbage. Maybe with Lance he might be viable for a few weeks. What you guys think?
  3. San Fran's backfield...

    It certainly does add more confusion trying to figure out the San Francisco RB game. As if they needed any more uncertainty in the matter. Lance for maybe 60 & 80 yrds rushing? Can Lance keep Deebo involved at the level he has been all year? What about the possibility for more targets to Aiyuk? with Kittle out does Lance turn to Dwelley? Guess we'll see what Trey Lance means for all SF fantasy in general later today.
  4. AJ Brown or Emmanuel Sanders

    I'd go with a Emanual sanders.
  5. WR2 - WDIS??

    I have to go with Devonta Smith. You have a lot of very good options though. It's a good problem they have.
  6. Gibson or damien Williams

    I'd start Damien Williams this week just because Gibson's matchup is against a New Orleans defense that hasn't allowed 100 yards rushing all year.
  7. Could be the end for Jimmy G

    Not looking for advice... just curious the percentage divided on this conversation. With Trey Lance getting the start today is this the end for Jimmy G... How many think Lance is just not ready and Garoppolo remains starter when he's healthy. Who thinks Lance keeps the starter position ROS with his performance later today. I think there's a really good chance Lance looks to good to sit after this afternoons contest. Time will tell.
  8. Offer Patterson for Mixon?

    You probably should offer someone else in the deal with Patterson for Mixon. Draft day is still fresh and Mixon for most was at least a 2nd Rd maybe late 1st round pick.
  9. TE help

  10. Getting Fournette for Mike Davis?

    I think they are similar in value. This is the week Mike Davis should actually produce. going forward I'm not a big Patterson fan. Maybe wait and see? unless you really like one or the other.
  11. Drop Sutton for Claypool or Golladay?

    AJ Green