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  1. What's that stench?

    I've heard those cameras can be quite damaging. See, that's what's cool about the huddle...first you get the perspective of a homeowner trying to sell a house with sewer issues, now we get to see it from the buyer's side. Where else can you get that?
  2. Anybody watching this Live Earth Concert?

    So doing something, no matter how stupid, is better than doing nothing? That isn't neccessarily true, I mean cutting off your head because you have a headache is doing something, but probably not the best thing. he Live Earth Concert is just a big orgy of self promotion, much like the whole green BS. Who cares that ethanol costs more than petroleum fuel, has to subsist on huge government subsidies, and requires a gallon of fuel to produce a gallon of fuel? At least they're doing something. If the communication abilities we have now would have been around for the impending next ice age of the early 70's we'd be celebrating the anniversary of a "Heat the World" concert. The saddest part is when the earth's climate starts to cool again, as it will all on its own, the hippie gestapo will be all patting each other on their trendy che guevara shirted backs saying how they saved the planet. The truth is, they will have made less of an impact than the old anti-pollution indian PSA's.
  3. I like Putin now

    Or take a ride w/ Teddy Kennedy
  4. Racist School System Policies Shut Down!

    Exactly...the less government intervention the better.
  5. What book are you currently reading?

    Reading the Jungle by Upton Sinclair...not an entirely uplifting book. Listening to American Gods by Neil Gaiman during my daily commute. The local library has audio books available for downloading, pretty sweet deal.
  6. Holy Socialism Batman

    Just read this article this morning proposing to make universal health care a constitutional right Minneapolis Star-Trib. I don't care what political party you are from, this is outright socialism. Another wing-nut from Minnesota working to create a state of entitlement. Why stop there? Maybe giving everyone an apartment and food stamps should be a Constitutional ammendment as well? I hate politicians.
  7. Marty Wexler III

    Hmmm...so you actually believed his agency was allowed to implant GPS tracking chips? They do a very good job of pretending he is legit...although Barriero's show will do that every so often to see who will call in to correct them. Last year Marty Wexler III was saying that since there were so many pre-draft prediction services his service was going to wait until after the draft to publish their predictions so they could corner the market.
  8. Your favorite Alice Cooper song

    Aspirin Damage Muscle of Love
  9. So, what's your favorite Pink Floyd song?

    Wish you were here One of these Days Welcome to the Machine
  10. So, what is you favorite Van Halen song?

    Okay, you got me, that was a bad analogy and I was a bit harsh to post Ozzy Sabbath.
  11. So, what's your favorite Rush song?

    Tom Sawyer the Trees Freewill 2112 Take off
  12. So, what is you favorite Van Halen song?

    and the Cradle Will Rock Atomic Punk Everybody Wants Some (especially in Better off Dead) Van Halen without David Lee Roth is like Black Sabbath without Ozzy...another run of the mill pop band.
  13. Hippies

    ditto to the Renaissance Festival actors...Huzzah!
  14. So, what is your favorite Led Zepplin song?

    the Ocean or When the Levee Breaks
  15. Fear the Vikings WR Corps(e)

    When I heard the Vikings had signed Wade, I was hoping they meant Wade Wilson.