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  1. I can see that argument, but I see the other guys side too. He maintains that Yahoo allowed the pending transactions (there was one other claim for Jonnu Smith) to be processed, and then shut down all adds/drops. Therefore making those transactions part of the "season". We've already decided to change the wording of our rules to lock the rosters at the start of the last game in our last week of the season. I think the guy has a valid point, and have no problem letting it stand. Was just curious how others might feel?
  2. So, I'm co-commish in an auction/keeper league. Our rules state that any player on your roster "at the end of the prior season" is available to be kept the following year. The keeper costs are equal to whatever was paid to acquire each player, plus 10% and $5. Patrick Mahomes was drafted this year by a team for $50. (Its a 2QB league). His keeper cost for next year would have been $60. On December 27th, the Mahomes owner decided his keeper cost was too high and ended up dropping him for a cheap lottery ticket type player. (A free agent player picked up for free would cost $5 next year). Mahomes was set to come off waivers on Dec. 30th, however the last game of our season (week 16) was played on Dec. 29th. Most of the guys in the league assumed that the season was over and that Mahomes would not be able to be claimed. The owner who dropped him has since stated that he would not have dropped him if he'd known a waiver claim would still be processed after the last game. Two owners in the league put in claims for Mahomes, and one guy ended up getting him for a bid of $1 (which means he costs $6 to keep next year). The other bid was a $0 bid as the guy didn't have any FAAB money left. A few other owners noticed the waiver pickup for $1 and are very upset that this was allowed. Most stated that they would have put in a claim themselves had they known it would be processed. The commissioner and I feel very differently on the subject. He feels that the season is over when the final game of week 16 was finished, and any waiver claims processed afterwards should not count. I feel that the season is over when our host sight (Yahoo) shuts it down. Yahoo allowed this late waiver claim before shutting down all add/drops, therefore I believe it should stand. This guy took advantage of a little known loophole, and could benefit from it for several years. I applaud the fact that he was still paying attention and competing all the way to the end. Not to mention that anyone else in the league (myself included) could have put in a claim for Mahomes . How would you guys handle this? When do you consider your season finished? I have no problem if we want to amend the rules to eliminate a late waiver claim like this. I just don't think we should do it this year... Thoughts???