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  1. Baseball question...

    Having worked for the Red Sox broadcast network, I can tell you it's a little bit of everything that's been said here. #1 is definitely knowing what a pitcher throws, so you know that it's only going to be one of 2-3 options (every pitcher has a fastball, very few have more than 4 pitches). From the booth, you can't see the grip, and most good pitchers don't have different arm angles or releases, or else the batter will pick up on that and hammer the ball.
  2. Live Free or Die Hard

    First of all, there's only one possible way to rank these 4 movies. 1 3 4 2 The original is the greatest action movie of all time. 3 (Vengeance) was really really good - his interaction with Sam Jackson was consistently entertaining, and I enjoyed the plot and the production, though the ending was very tacked-on. 4 was surprisingly enjoyable, and 2 was pretty disappointing. As for the most recent one, I thought it was less "Die Hard" and more "24: The Movie". McClane is very Jack Bauer - i mean, the dude kills a fighter jet with his bare hands! That said, as long as you realized it was 100% implausible and ridiculous and were okay with that, it was really enjoyable. Loved the Kevin Smith cameo ("you down with the Fett?" "no, I'm more of a Star Wars guy." " " )
  3. Breaking News: Explosion in Manhattan

    They're saying the one death was "cardiac arrest".. which I'm hoping means "old man's ticker stopped" as opposed to "someone got cooked by the 1000 degree steam until their heart 'arrested' out their mouth".
  4. Hoboken Huddlers!

    I'm from the Jersey Shore, working in the city right now.. my brother lives in JC, so i'm in Hoboken occasionally.
  5. Just got my eyes zapped with fricking lazer beams

    I had this done 5 years ago, and I can't recommend it enough. Before, I was coke-bottle-glasses blind. Now? I regularly impress people with things I can see, and I actually broke the test at the museum of science (they had a piece of tape on the ground that signified 20/20 if you could read the bottom line from there - I took 5 big steps back until I was against the wall and I could still read it). Very minor side effects include a little sensitivity to bright light (big deal, i get to wear my sunglasses more) and slight glariness at night, but not a big deal. Well worth it.
  6. AC/DC is best served loud

  7. Bank of America SUCKS

    Well, two days later and the money is still in my account, so I'm almost ready to assume that the check is canceled for good. I know I brought this whole situation upon myself, but it sure would have been nice to just get a straight answer from the bank about what the hell was going on, rather than a constantly changing story.
  8. Wow.. I thought he'd destroyed his knee so much that he was 110% out for 2007, and likely forever. http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/news/story?id=2922740 CLEVELAND -- Center LeCharles Bentley, whose first season with Cleveland ended with a freakish knee injury last summer that became infected and threatened his life and NFL career, plans to play for the Browns this season. The club's marquee free-agent signing in 2006, Bentley said Sunday that he'll report to training camp in a few weeks and that his goal is to be ready for the season opener on Sept. 9 against the Pittsburgh Steelers. "It's unbelievable how far I've come in the last few months," Bentley said in a phone interview from Arizona, where he has been rehabbing and working out for the past few months. "I feel so blessed to even be in a position to think about playing again. I've come so far. I'm not going to stop now." Bentley, who tore his left patellar tendon while planting on the first full-contact play of training camp last July, expects to be on the field for the Browns' first full workout on July 27. He called Browns coach Romeo Crennel two weeks ago to tell him that he'd be in camp and that he planned to play this season. "I think he was shocked," Bentley said. "I think a lot of people are." The 27-year-old revealed that he has undergone four operations since getting hurt, the final two to clean out a staph infection that ate away at his tendon and a virus that became so severe that doctors considered amputating his leg. "At one point, I was so sick they weren't sure I was going to live through the night," Bentley said. New York Giants team physician Dr. Russell Warren performed Bentley's latest operation in November, when more staph was cleaned out and a portion of the deteriorated tendon was removed. Following that procedure, Warren advised Bentley to begin thinking about life without football. But Bentley, who signed a six-year, $36 million free agent contract with the Browns to play for his hometown team, wasn't nearly ready to give up. And after a few weeks of workouts, Bentley became convinced he could make it all the way back. "He [Warren] is a great doctor," Bentley said. "But doctors have told people they have six months to live and they go on to live full lives for years. For a while my wheels were spinning, but I was determined to make it back." Warren considered a fifth operation on Bentley in early June, but after seeing the two-time Pro Bowler's improvement in May, decided against it. "He thought it was remarkable," Bentley said. "He thought I had made enough progress that I didn't need another one [operation]. I've still got a few more hurdles to overcome but I've come so far already." Bentley plans to visit Warren again before returning to the field. His unexpected return is terrific news for the rebuilding Browns, who didn't think they'd have him for the upcoming season and weren't sure if the former Ohio State star would ever play for them at all. "I'm sure people still don't know if I'll be back, and it's still probably going to be a little wait and see," he said. "But if I play one more snap, that's one more snap than a lot of people ever thought I'd play. "People are quick to want to kill a dream. But a lot of work and a lot of prayers later I'm ready to play again. I've been blessed."
  9. Man Charged with Murder

    Different situation. When you're down 5 on 1 in an enclosed area, you can definitely feel your life is in danger. 1 guy - who's trying to leave without your property - is not putting your life in danger.
  10. Next week

    I get precisely zero of these days off, though I do get holday pay for the 4th. I guess this is the downside of working at MLB - they play on all these holidays.
  11. Man Charged with Murder

    Good. The guy was leaving (without the rims, I assume? the article wasn't clear) and the shooter's life was not in danger in any way. Put him away.
  12. Bank of America SUCKS

    I put down money on an apartment, and as soon as I left started having second thoughts about the neighborhood. I quickly realized it wasn't the right place for me, and I called the guy about 3 hours later to say I was very sorry for wasting his time but that I'd changed my mind, and I felt it was better to inform him ASAP than wait until I'd moved in and then leave, for him to have to then find someone else. I hadn't signed a lease yet. When I found out he'd cashed the check I called him to ask why, and he said that he thought my phone call was to say I was having a problem with my bank (which is complete BS, i distinctly remember him saying "so.. you're not taking the apartment then? Ugh.") So, my own fault and mistake for putting money down on a place and changing my mind - like I said originally when I thought the check had gone through, I was upset, but it was my own doing. I was more upset at BoA for still charging me the fee, and now I'm not too happy that they can't get their facts straight about whether the check has actually gone through or not. So now I've been checking my account balance every 20 minutes to see if I still have the money.
  13. Bank of America SUCKS

  14. Bank of America SUCKS

    Well, I went and visited a branch, but just missed closing time. So while I was there, I checked the account balance onscreen at the ATM: money from check is still mine, cancelled check fee still shows up. I call up BOA customer service from the parking lot and speak to a very polite woman who confirms that the check has not gone through. I ask her why a supervisor told me last night that it was too late and there was nothing he could do, yet now it seems the exact opposite has happened. She couldn't say for sure, but she assumes that although the check had already been cashed and was pending, the stop payment command was able to kill the pending transaction (again, exactly contrary to what the supervisor said would happen). So, while this is great news, I'm not ready to believe anything just yet. We'll see what happens on Monday, but for now things look good.
  15. Bank of America SUCKS

    Thanks, D3. Now I'm completely confused. Last night, I checked my account balance onscreen at an ATM and saw that the original check had gone though - didn't see the stop payment charge ( I was informed that would stick while on the phone). However, now I'm checking my account online. The check is no longer showing up, but the stop payment charge is. (oddly, its showing up $20, not $30). The supervisor I spoke to said it would post overnight, so it should be in there by now. Did they misinform me again, and now the check is stopped? I need to go straighten this out.