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  1. PPR league who to start in my flex: Swift, Dobbins or Slayton?
  2. We get to keep the player the round we drafted the player in the previous year. This is standard 10 man league non ppr. ekeler for round 7. Mostert for round 16 (last round) Aj Brown for round 16.
  3. Vikings vs 49ers

    Lol I can't believe everyone saying the vikings had a chance this week. 49ers are vulnerable vs mobile QBs and 49ers are back to basically 100%. I just didn't understand the whole vikings beat saint= beat the 49ers. They are completely different teams.
  4. 49rs

    Deebo should have the best game. I'm expecting screens/slants being used alot and he will be on the receiving end.
  5. Vikings vs Saints

    Even if cook elbow didn't touch, that td wouldn't of counted for NO, since Bridgewater was literally on the field before he scored, right? Like what was he doing.
  6. What do you need tonight?

    For those who are left? What does your game come down to? I'm up by 36 against Russell Wilson. Yeah I like my chances, but wilson is going to have to put this team on his shoulders tonight so I am nervous.
  7. Championship. Any advice?

    I would go with this and for the flex start Sims.
  8. Week 17 help for the Championship!

    Yes sorry it is PPR.
  9. So since we have 2 week playoffs, i'm in the championship and have a 13 point lead going into this week. I have a few spots where I need help. Usually I have L. Jackson for my QB, but since he is out my options are either Prescott (and his hurt shoulder) vs redskins or Daniel Jones vs eagles. If Jacobs doesn't play this week, I need my RB2 which is between D. Washington at Denver, J. White vs Miami, or D. Williams vs Chargers. I'm leaning towards Williams on this one since I think that KC wants to win, but try to be conservative as possible. Also, i have Hopkins going for me now, but if KC wins, they have no reason to play him. Now I do have Sutton backing him up and i can just start him. Should I wait for the morning games and start hopkins if KC loses and start Sutton if KC wins? (Just a heads up my other 2 WRS are Julio and A. Cooper) Lastly, Steelers def vs the backups of bal or Packers def vs det? Thanks for the help!
  10. Week 17 Championship Game?

    I'm in one this year. Started a new league and the commissioner made it two week per round playoffs. So right now got a 13 point lead going into this week. It sucks because I had Lamar Jackson carry my team all year and now I'm having to go with either Prescott or d. Jones. I also have Hopkins and not sure what to do there. I know they said they will play to win, but I have my doubts.
  11. Marshawn Lynch

    No way...You want to start a rb who hasn't played a snap in over a year against one of the best defs in the game. I think you can find better options out there.
  12. PPR league James white Singletary Washington
  13. Championship strategy

    I would say the only thing I might do differently in the championship round (and it's not keeper or dynasty) and the if the tiebreaker is bench points. I may pick up 3 qbs to ride my bench on Sunday. Besides that keep everything as normal as possible.
  14. CRAZY TALK ??

    I believe, and I can be wrong, but that he is referring to Miles Sanders
  15. What team(s) took you to the championship game? ?

    10 Team PPR league: QB: Jackson, Prescott RB: Jacobs, White, Sanders, Coleman, Singletary WR: Hopkins, Julio, Cooper, Sutton TE: Howard DEF: Steelers/Bills K: Gay Obviously carried by my QB and WRs. Playing roulette with my rbs has been a chore and i have been more wrong then right (like last week, playing jacobs/white over sanders and I only won by 2 points).