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  1. All of the above mentioned are taking the heat (except maybe the OC). Boller will likely get his job back when healthy, but the timing of his recovery is undetermined. Chances of a season turnaround? Not sure, need to see if the team can win a game first, then maybe there should be discussion about turning around the season. The loss on Sunday stung so much not because it was a loss and not really that it was even a loss to the Titans (those things made it bad), but that they played so poorly. The offense is so obviously horrible that it is just downright embarrasing.
  2. Your Team.~~.Who should we be watching?

    Whoever the Ravens opponents defense is - must start.
  3. Did Theezman and Crew

    These guys are somewhat enjoyable to listen to. Tirico is good. They should be regular fixtures instead of the three bafoons.
  4. My FF nightmare week 2

    I benched Roy Williams for Rod Smith. In 32H, I took Matt Shobell (sp?) out of my line-up for Ken Dilger. And in the MVP Huddle Challenge I took DMcNabb out of the line-up because I was worried about his rib injury. :doah:
  5. The Race Is On In The AFC North

    That's probably taking it a little to far. I don't recall any "experts" picking the Ravens to win the SB.
  6. The Race Is On In The AFC North

    The first half of today's Ravens game was quite possibly the worst football that I have ever seen. The offense is putrid. The Steelers and Bengals played extreamly well today and the Browns went into Green Bay and played well enough to get the victory. I know it is only two games into a 16 game season, but the Ravens have some major issues to deal with on offense.
  7. Meadowlands

    I agree with Haslett. I think it is stupid that certain NFL officionados are trying to paint this as a Saints home game. This is a Giants home game no ifs-ands-or buts. Tickets were first offered to Giants season ticket holders (in-advance of the public sale) and if anyone thinks that the Giants faithfull won't be at the same intensity of any other home game, then they are kidding themselves.
  8. Boller is the starter

    That was the worst thing that Billick ever did. Yes, even worse than drafting Boller.
  9. Directv Shortcuts

    Cpt - Colts looked real good - congrats on a great win.
  10. Directv Shortcuts

    I would prefer to not watch a reply of my teams performance this past Sunday.
  11. Pitt/Tenn game

    The looks are going to TE's and Bennett. Drew had a big reception, then got the ball in the red-zone. He got jacked after the reception and coughed up the ball to one of the defenders for an INT.
  12. Pitt/Tenn game

    Ben just went deep to R El. Big play TD

    Rudi seems to be the main back now. He got the goaline carry for a 1yd TD.
  14. My personal take on this is that Jamal will see about 20 carries on Sunday night in the opener. He should probably see slightly more (around 25) against TEN in week 2 and then he should be full speed by week 4 at DET (Ravens have a bye in week 3). Article from Baltimore Sun: http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/footbal...ports-headlines