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  1. I have Gout

    It is sooo f'n painfull! I've had it in the past, but the pain has never been this bad. I just got back from the doc and he confirmed it and gave me some Celebrex and a shot of cortizone. The shot has not kicked in yet, but it F'N HURTS! I knew that I shouldn't have had that steak at lunch....
  2. Running of the Bulls

    I never understood the intruige that people have in running with crazed wild bulls. Idiots: http://news.yahoo.com/photo/070713/481/ef5...dTBppxgzbMDW7oF That guy may be on the sidelines for a while. And talk about brotherly love: http://news.yahoo.com/photos/ss/events/lf/...cF&auto=yes
  3. Urlacher's text messages to his ex

    Urlacher is totally classless.
  4. Here I sit in the Syracuse airport

    Cool. I am going up to the Hall of Fame in two weeks (for induction weekend). How was it? Did you stay in town?
  5. Anyone ever been to Stuttgart?

    I've been a couple of times, but mostly in the winter. They have a great Chrismas festival/garden that goes through most of December. The city center has some nice shops and restaurants. Where are you staying? They have a pretty nice soccer/football stadium, so if you're into that you may want to check out the schedule and go to a game.
  6. Anyone been to Aruba?

    I've been twice in the past three years and my in-laws just bought a share place at the Occidental in Aruba. PM me for specific questions, but here goes my general summary. It's a great place if you like to sit on the beach (or pool), eat, drink and gamble. There is also good diving/snorkeling and many boat tours are available. Aside from the beaches, boat tours and resorts, there isn't much there, but not sure if there is much else you'd want in a honeymoon spot. I've stayed at the Radison and Marriot Beach Club, both nice resorts. I'd put the Radison slightly ahead of the Marriott because I thought the beach there was nicer and it was a little bit more intimate. The Marriot has three properties right on top of each other and it's a pretty masive resort. I also liked the casino at the Radison better and they have a separate poker room which offers nightly tourney's and cash games. Most of the resorts are located along one stretch of beach on the northwest part of the island, but there is also a downtown area that has some hotels and restaurants. It's also where the cruise ships dock. As Whomper pointed out, El Gaucho is a good steakhouse in the downtown area. Good meat and you may need to make a res. Most of the hotels have good restaurants. I particularly liked the places in the Hyatt hotel and had a great sushi meal in the Japanesse place in the Hyatt.
  7. Future Hall Of Famers

    If they start-up a HOF for crybaby's he'd be in the inaugural class w/ Vermeil.
  8. Just read this...

    Agreed. I think that I read somewhere that the restaurant was basically an outdoor dinning place and it was only 50 yards from the patio to their personal suite. Either way, there is no excuse for leaving your children unattended in a public resort.
  9. Future Hall Of Famers

    I agree here on how hard it is to get in, but I'm surprised that you don't expect Woodson in. Or maybe you just consider him getting in as a Raven
  10. Future Hall Of Famers

    Locks: Jon Ogden Ray Lewis Still to be determined: Ed Reed Long-shot: McNair Retired (but will likely get in, probably wearing other uni's): Rod Woodson Shannon Sharpe Deion Sanders
  11. all-time a favorite NFL players

    Jon Ogden Ray Lewis Jermaine Lewis Bert Jones Curt Warner (SEA) Steve Largent Don Majkowski Sterling Sharpe Brett Favre Barry Sanders and of course, Johnny U (never saw him play live).
  12. What shows have you caught up on?

    Lost - season 1 Wire - seasons 1 & 2 (on 3 now) Nip Tuck - season 1 and 2 Chappelle Show
  13. Myrtle Beach Golf

    I'll be playing some Golf in Myrtle Beach very soon and am looking for some help in selecting courses. I know we have some MB regulars here. My plan is to play at one or two premier courses and then a couple "less expensive" courses. I'd also like to stay relatively close to the northern part of Myrtle Beach. These are the courses I'm considering, any help/recomendations are appreciated. Barefoot - premier course, probably play Love and/or Fazio Grand Dunes - premier course Myrtlewood - less expensive and I think there are two courses: Palmetto and PineHills Arcadian Shores - less expensive Waterway Hills - less expensive, has three nine-hole set-ups Any golfers play at any of these? Any other courses in northern Myrtle Beach / North Myrtle Beach that I should consider? Thanks.
  14. Myrtle Beach Golf

    Thanks for all the recs. I wound up playing at Barefoot - Love and Myrtlewood - Pine Hills. I enjoyed both. Love was definitely a step above most courses I've ever played. Extreamely challenging, but I played pretty well (for me). I had limited time there, but would like to get back to MB only to play golf.
  15. Pans Labyrinth

    Sometime subtitles bother me, but definitely not in Pans. I watched it on an airplane and really enjoyed it. My spanish is very weak, but I actually liked listening to they way that young girl spoke and could follow some of the conversations between other characters. The special effects were great as was the story and characters. Does the DVD have additional extra material?
  16. Myrtle Beach Golf

    Yeah, I had heard that. I was considering but it's further south. Maybe it's worth the extra 45 minutes in the car......
  17. HBO sort of confirms Tony's dead

    You mean ala fade to black...no sound?
  18. Which Movie?

    Saw FW, not DV. FW was a bit touching, but I feel like it's been done before (maybe Dangerous Minds).
  19. Federer v Nadal

    Great match so far. Federer and Nadal were going game for game until midway through the first set. Federer had 5 or 6 break points, but couldn't convert. He11 of a game, but once Nadal took it, he swept through the rest of the first set. Federer seemed deflated, but has stepped it up in the second set and finally just broke Nadal. Great match so far. If Federer can win this, then he should be well on his way to the Slam. However, Nadal seems to strong on clay and I expect him to repeat.
  20. Sopranos are on in about 7 minutes.

    That's for sure. Phil certaintly never heard anything or saw it coming. Phil's death is a perfect example and forshadowed Tony's death.
  21. Soprano's

    This clip is no longer available due to removal by HBO. What was it?
  22. when season tix go bad

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  23. Sopranos are on in about 7 minutes.

    Maybe they really shot the last scene and Tony got wacked, so all of the actors thought that he dies and no movie. Maybe Chase just stopped short of airing it.