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  1. WDIS Deebo or Emmanuel Sanders?
  2. Deebo or Emmanuel Sanders?

    I ask this every week. Both were not on final injury report.
  3. ROS RB Edmonds or D. Williams

    All we know is ribs. It’s obviously serious if he couldn’t recover over the bye and ribs for a RB is tough to play through.
  4. Stupid ESPN

    IR doesn’t make sense for football. Out is not IR.
  5. Julio owners: starting him?

    I’m starting him.
  6. Should I pick up snell ?

    I’d drop Harry. help me please.
  7. Pick 2 - 1pt PPR

    I’d go with what you have. Is Tate Playing?
  8. Last minute help

    Kirk help me please.
  9. Scary Terry or DEDE?

    Dede help me please.
  10. Jameis over Dak?

    Winston. help me please.
  11. Need WR help

  12. Need WR help

    Anyone else?
  13. Start Edelman or DJ Moore at flex?

    DJ Moore stud
  14. Okay, I think Darrell Williams is a good add because he may be KCs best RB.