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  1. Gesicki or Moreau today?

    Full PPR Gesicki vs. giants Moreau vs. footballs
  2. Mac Jones or Taysom Hill this week

    Should have started Taysom. 24.66 pts. One and done!
  3. Mac Jones or Taysom Hill this week

    @stevegrab That post was from Tuesday. I ended up getting them both. Plus, we know more about Hill and his game is tonight.
  4. Mac @ Buffalo or Taysom vs, Dallas tonight?
  5. Damn! I don't need help from lost people....
  6. So Taysom over Mac Jones this week?
  7. 12 team full PPR I'm in 3rd and pretty much a lock. I have Rodgers as my starter. I have Tannehill and Newton on my bench. All three are on bye. I can grab Mac Jones @ Buffalo or Taysom Hill vs. Dallas for this week. WDIS this week, and who do I drop, Cam or Tannehill?
  8. How to Win

  9. Report: Most Bears players want Nagy fired

    yes. We don't even know their contracts .lmao
  10. Report: Most Bears players want Nagy fired

    Does Ernie still wear that squirrel on his head? Give him 500k and a month, and he will throw a couple darts for the Bears next Head coach and GM
  11. Week 11 Milk Carton

    I know. WTH? They need to be trailing like normail.
  12. Week 11 Chat

    I have the same......
  13. Pick 2 of These 3 WRs

    Hollywood out???? Or did I hear wrong?
  14. Rodgers or Tannehill this week?

    Thanks. Care to elaborate if you have time?
  15. Rodgers @Minny Tannehill vs. Houston Rodgers has hurt me twice this year but it's hard to bench Karen.