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  1. Pick my garbage QB

    Ryan of Stafford for sure. He has ligament damage in his throwing hand. They got shut out last week. Def pick up Carr asap.
  2. NFL Postpones Steelers vs. Ravens Thanksgiving Night Game

    Just make everyone wear masks. Then when someone bothers you just mumble your answers. They'll get tired of saying "what?"
  3. Should I start Lamar Jackson @Pitt?

    Lamar's ceiling is just too low right now, this week.
  4. MNF needs (close ones)?

    How many leagues are you in Bro?
  5. Week 11 Milk Carton

    Detroit zero pts.
  6. Is this ethical?

    A guy dropped Jameis with the intention of picking up Hill. But for a few minutes in between he picked up Stafford and then dropped him immediately for Hill. So basically Stafford was out free on the waiver wire but now is locked because of this "move". Kind of weak IMO
  7. Carson info? Got any

    PPR League trade deadline this week. How much do I need to go after Hyde?
  8. Vick is all done

  9. Vick is all done

    This thread is still going?????? Pit Bulls suck. We had one come into our yard on the loose and my German Shepard beeootch slapped it. Punctured it's lung and sent him packing. Dog fightiing is for mentally challenged people.
  10. I have to agree with this somewhat. We have alot of borderline BS trades in our league.
  11. NFL bans alcohol for team functions

    Wrong! The law is basically to protect us from each other. I always love the stories about the guy who gets in a car wreck and then sues the bar/bartender. Be reponsible for yourself and your own actions.
  12. We had a guy lose Marvin Harrison on the golf course. Commish let it go.
  13. NFL bans alcohol for team functions

    Let the "law" protect us from ourselves. Gee, I would hate for anyone to have to be responsible for themselves.