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  1. Rodgers wants out of GB

    Only way to so 4 1st rnd. is on draft day.
  2. Bridgewater to Denver

    Ummm IDK. Ask the Bears!
  3. Former Bears DT Steve McMichael has ALS

    Back a few years....I always loved hearing him doing those commercials for a certain "Nightclub" with a "Champagne room baby!!!"
  4. Patriots cut Edelman, announced retirement.

    Because of the offense maybe. Not of him specifically.
  5. Even longer if you include Don "the magic man" Makowski.
  6. The Bears have said for 40 years..."We get off the bus running"
  7. Bears dump Kyle Fuller

    Relax. They'll be fine. Pace's old man has an excellent set of tools. He can fix it.
  8. Will Fuller to the Dolphins

    With those hammys he better stay somewhere warm.
  9. Andy Dalton to The Bears

    Side thought: How many black QBs have the Bears had? Evans, "Slash", Henry Burress. Am I missing any?
  10. Andy Dalton to The Bears

    They could even have Jimmy Graham back at no charge.
  11. Andy Dalton to The Bears

    They want Seattle to have their choice of Foles or Dalton for Wilson.
  12. Largest RB contracts on new team since 2016

    And Gordon held out for that.....
  13. Teams asking about Wentz

    Nobody was worried Tarik.
  14. Super Bowl predictions

    Sticking with it.