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  1. Where did you propose?

    In the maternity ward
  2. I gotta ask...

    I'm in the retail food biz. Self checkouts are perceived as a positive among most customers. Surveys indicate that the most annoying part of grocery shopping is waiting in the checkout line. Customers prefer being an active participant in the process. Believe it or not, grocery chains have a hard time recruiting store employees. Self checkouts do replace warm bodies, but there just aren't enough warm bodies interested. Everone starts part time with few, if any, benefits. Kids can flip burgers for more money when you factor in union dues. Our annual turnover among store employees exceeds 100%. Don't use your loyalty card if you prefer, but we still know who you are and where you live.
  3. the Sopranos finale contest

    Jack Bauer kills 'em all, except Meadow. She becomes Director of CTU. She has an affair with Jack's daughter.
  4. Anyone here have Lasik surgery?

    My wife got the Lasik correction last fall. Our insurance does not cover this procedure so that was not a concern. We went by word of mouth. Her doctor came highly recommended by friends and collegues. Price was a little higher than other places, but she got the extended lifetime warranty (free corrections) and the pre and post op visits were included. We're in the southern Ohio area if that helps.
  5. Tiger...playing himself out of the Masters?

    The cut will stay at +8. Wetterich is in at -2. Everyone within 10 shots of the lead makes the cut.
  6. Who is off today ?

    Tiger Woods is off today.
  7. Who do you like to win the Masters?

    Chuck received an invite on Monday by virtue of moving into the Top 50 world rankings. Unitl Monday he did not qualify. My money is, and will be, on Phil. I'm not thrilled with his play so far this year, but I just have a feeling that he will step up his game at Augusta.
  8. favorite sporting event attended?

    Nothing tops watching your kids excel. Got to see my oldest son win the American Legion World Series (he played with Pete Rose Jr.) and seeing my other son win the Ohio state American Legion championship. Great times.
  9. Guess Who's 53?

    Happy B-Day. Time for the rubber glove test.
  10. What was your favorite concert attended?

    1972 - Grand Funk Railroad with Black Oak Arkansas 2004 - Kid Rock Love the on stage strippers Multiple times - Eric Clapton
  11. favorite sporting event attended?

    Gotta be The Masters. Still trying to get to The Open Championship (British Open) and Ryder Cup.
  12. If you do your own taxes

    It's $20 per deduction claimed.

    COVINGTON -- Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry on Thursday was ordered by a judge to serve two days in jail after he pleaded guilty to allowing minors to drink alcohol in his hotel room last spring. "You brought shame with this on yourself," Kenton County District Judge Greg Grothaus told Henry. "You embarrassed a lot of people." Grothaus also called Henry a "cancer" twice. Grothaus sentenced Henry to 90 days in jail. He suspended all but two days, and ordered Henry to begin serving those two days immediately. Henry is one of nine Bengals players arrested in the past 13 months. He was arrested Jan. 28 in Orlando, Fla., on multiple gun charges, and on June 3 he was charged with driving under the influence in Clermont County, Ohio. He was scheduled to appear in court there Feb. 15, but Henry pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of reckless operation of a car and was given a 30-day suspended sentence. Henry originally was charged in Covington with three counts of unlawful transaction with a minor. Covington police said he brought alcohol for three teenage females -- ages 18, 16 and 15 -- in a Covington motel room on April 29. One of the women, Monica Beamon, 18, has been charged with murder in Cincinnati since then. “It’s good that this case has been resolved. Now Chris must strive to continue to mature and grow, both as a player and a person,” Bengals coach Marvin Lewis said in a news release.
  14. Heard it on the local news at noon. CB Johnathan Joseph was a passenger in a car that was pulled over for irratic driving early this morning. A search of Joseph's backpack revealed a bag of Josh Gordon. No further details. No comment from Mike Brown of Marvin Lewis. This has got to stop.
  15. Golfers...a little help

    Why not try a 5 wood? I carry four wedges so my only faiwway wood is the little 5. I hit the 3 iron about 215 and the 5 wood about 235. Works well for my game.