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  1. Who should I start at QB this week? Brady at the Jags or Alex Smith at home versus the Cards? Thanks!
  2. WDIS

    I think your best matchups are with Housh, Jackson, and Berrian.
  3. Bulger or Grossman

    Tough decision, but a good one to have. I would go with Grossman.
  4. I need help at my remaining flex position and have limited options due to a number of byes. My only options are: Drew Bennett @ WAS Desmond Clark @ ARZ Kelly Washington @ TB I'm leaning towards Clark or Washington......any thoughts??? Thanks!
  5. Waiver Wire ?

    Definitely Bruce. He'll see action whoever is at QB.
  6. QB Help!

    bump......anyone have any advice?????
  7. QB Help!

    I need some major QB advice. My current QB situation is a mess after this past weekend. The QBs on my roster are Bulger, Jamie Martin, and Leftwich. Needless to say, I'm without a QB this week and possible going into the playoffs. The QBs left on the waiver wire are: D. Garrard (JAC) K.Boller (BAL) B. Bollinger (NYJ) J. Garcia (DET) R. Fitzpatrick (STL) A. Smith (SFO) How would you rank them? I'm in the playoffs, so I'm trying to take into account the available QBs' Week 14-16 schedules. Thanks! -jon
  8. Pick Two WRs

    Thanks for the responses!
  9. WDIS Wide Receiver

    I would go with Moulds as well. I see too much risk with Ferguson since he's coming off an injury. Good luck!
  10. Pick Two WRs

    Sorry..... S. Moss vs SD Engram vs NYG K. Curtis at HOU
  11. Pick Two WRs

    Of the three, which 2 WRs would you start: S. Moss, B. Engram, Kevin Curtis Thanks!
  12. Bobby Engram , Reggie Brown

    Definitely Engram.

    Pick one.... Kevin Curtis, Julius Jone, or Curtis Martin Thanks!
  14. WDIS

    Who would you start? Kevin Curtis at home against Arizona Julius Jones at home against Detroit Curtis Martin @ Denver 1 pt per 10yds rush/rec, 6pts/TD Thanks -jon