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  1. Tour de France

    First tour in years that I just was not that excited about. Real glad I didn't invest anytime in this sham. All track and field athletes are dopheads IMO. It would seem the tour ones more than others. I am truly sad about this
  2. Leading Republican candidate for POTUS?

    Many many people in the US have a visceral hatred fro Hillary. One of the reasons I thought she would not run in the first place, not win the nomination in the second place, and not win the WH in the third place. I was obviously wrong on item #1, probably wrong on item #2. But it begs the question of why people have such strong negatives about her. What is it that she does that people fnd repugnant while finding it merely distasteful in other candidates? Truly curious. All thoughtful answers apreciated. Bush at this point probably elicits as much vitriol, but he has been president, and a very very bad one at that, for 6 years. He certainly benefited from a positive, if not great image while he was running and for a few years after that
  3. Buc question

    I find cursing deeply offensive. could Dmd please close this thread
  4. Shaun Rogers accused of sexual assault

    I find sexist comments deeply offensive and demeaning to women. Could DMD please close this thread
  5. Some quick help

    I find that engaging in the "love child" game with black people could lead to offensive stereotyping. Could dmd please close this thread
  6. Where should Dayne be taken?

    I find violent threats deeply offensive. could DMD please close this thread
  7. biggest ''bust'' of 2007

    I find salacious pictures of women degrading and offensive. Could DMD please close this thread
  8. It's gonna be Father's Day!

    Ungrateful son didn't get me anything. Except for a diaper full of poooOOOooooop.
  9. Opinions on "The Shins"

    They are part of that tinny yet pleasant group of bands with some really good hooks that after a while do become indistinguishable ( oh god, did I just become my parents when I said that all this music sounds the same? ) You would probably also like The New Pornographers (Canadian shins, a little gheyer), Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (slightly edgier Shins)
  10. Question about Poker etiquette.

    I think your story omits the part where your acting all pouty, and sniffling because you hosted the tourney and you're already out. And that is Sooo unfair. And what are you going to do nooooow? And maybe you'll have to call it an early night. and so on and so forth. You guys have never allowed buying back in, and shazam out of nowhere, this game they do? The rules were obviously bent in your favour early on. You should have been out, and that was one less person that everyone at that table needed to beat. As a result of this rule bending done to accomodate you as host I'm guessing, you were able to be in a position to win the whole thing. Instead the thing ends up in a coin flip if I understand the end of the game correctly. yeah, I'd be pissed if I was that guy.
  11. Delta Airlines

    I am not a hugh fan of delta. And now that they have reimerged from bankrupty I can't imagine it will be any better (they announced with great fanfare that they were cutting down the number of colours on their logo to save money. Makes you wonder where else they are cutting corners). Double check your ticket: 1)it will tell you who is OPERATING your flight, rather than whose airline you bought the ticket from and 2) if you look up Orbitz or some such flight with your flight number it will tell you what kind of plane it is. Every so often when I buy Air france tickets and end up on a delta flight, I am pissed (because I assumed that buying a ticket from AF menat you were flying with them) because Delta service is pretty mediocre. As Wiegie said, they charge for drinks. The price is also 5 $ or 5 Euros. I can overlook the fact that they are thus overcharging people paying in euros, but when I gave the woman a 50 euro bill she tried to hand me back 45$ telling me that they were the same. The last time I flew Delta to Barcelona, the flight was ooperated by Aero Mexico, no seat entertainment. To France there is inseat entertainment, so I would just call them. Good luck. Barcelona is a great city.
  12. What is a Hate Crime?

  13. What is a Hate Crime?

    I wish I could respond to this interesting question you pose, but putting thougth and time into an answer is against the tailgate rules. One thing I can say is that the "if these people were black, Al Sharpton and Jess Jackson..." regardless of the siutation is a stupid argument that unfortunately is used over and over and over again. Al And Jesse have a political agenda for the forwarding of black causes. They do not take equal interest in the advancement of whites as they do blacks, in the same way that the pope is less interested in the plight of jews than that of catholics. Jerry Lewis doesn't hate cancer patients, he just devotes his energy to muscular distrophy. etc...
  14. See what 50 years will do

    Spain, It's because conservatives are responsible for 9/10 of all these 'witty' observations and jokes that circulate on the innernet, and only 1 in 50 is either funny, well crafted, or astute. This one being a case in point
  15. Looking For A-Rod Pic

    As much as Arod is a tool. This is no different than the myriad of other mind games that baseball players play on each other. So this particular act, I can't sondemn The big difference though is that Arod twice now has been shown to have been totally bush league 1) the pocketbook incident 2) the sliding into 2nd last week with a non baseball move both of these acts infringe the rules of baseball, and are weak. So for this to now be called against him is no real surprise, and merited from past action rather than for actual infringement. How can someone that talented have managed to turn the whole country, including Yankee fans, against him?