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  1. What the hell is wrong with people

    piece of chit. someone get the tree branch.
  2. Best foreign rock band.

    agreed but would also add the rolling stones
  3. Alpha Dog

    seen it. still funny though.
  4. Super Bad

    this movie looks pretty damn funny Are you super bad?
  5. Twiley's kid on the way!

  6. Top Chef

    i want to see the howie and joe beat down. if we are lucky they both kill each other. fn whiners.
  7. Jubblies

  8. I'm a Marvel.... and I'm a DC: After hours

    not bad. robot chicken is a little better.
  9. What's in a Name?

  10. The movie 'Silent Hill'

    Only watched about half of it. thought it sucked.
  11. What book are you currently reading?

    Finally getting around to reading Blood Meridian and also rereading Gunslinger.
  12. oldboy kicks ass. i think sympathy for mister vengence is actually a little more weird. City of lost children is out there as well and visually pretty cool. man bites dog i thought was just f'd up.
  13. is this possible?

    i've never seen the point in keeping count.
  14. No Country For Old Men