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  1. Venture Bros Season 1 DVD

    Just got mine. Pure awesomeness. Also saw this preview for the new adult swim show Korgoth of Barbaria. It's a barbarian show done right with loads of violence, sex and lenghy urination. I believe it's due to come out in Sept-Oct. Looks great.
  2. No Country For Old Men Five clips from the new Coen Bros movie adapted from Cormac McCarthy's novel. Looking forward to seeing this. Dug the coin toss scene, but that's not how i pictured Chigurh though.
  3. What the hell is wrong with people

    piece of chit. someone get the tree branch.
  4. Best foreign rock band.

    agreed but would also add the rolling stones
  5. Super Bad

    this movie looks pretty damn funny Are you super bad?
  6. Alpha Dog

    seen it. still funny though.
  7. Twiley's kid on the way!

  8. Top Chef

    i want to see the howie and joe beat down. if we are lucky they both kill each other. fn whiners.
  9. Jubblies

  10. I'm a Marvel.... and I'm a DC: After hours

    not bad. robot chicken is a little better.
  11. What's in a Name?

  12. The movie 'Silent Hill'

    Only watched about half of it. thought it sucked.
  13. What book are you currently reading?

    Finally getting around to reading Blood Meridian and also rereading Gunslinger.
  14. oldboy kicks ass. i think sympathy for mister vengence is actually a little more weird. City of lost children is out there as well and visually pretty cool. man bites dog i thought was just f'd up.
  15. is this possible?

    i've never seen the point in keeping count.
  16. No Country For Old Men

  17. No Country For Old Men

    Not the usual cast for a coen bros flick. Where are Goodman, Turturro, and Buscemi? Not a big deal really just something I've come to expect. Plus, doesn't Buscemi have to die in every flick of theirs?
  18. Picture of the Joker in "The Dark Knight"

    i don't remember tucker's mounth being being all cut up in dead president's. this is what it reminded me of.
  19. Picture of the Joker in "The Dark Knight"

    reminds me of the ichi the killer cover
  20. John Rambo: Early Trailer

    Did Rambo punch a guys head off? That is one bad mother f'er. This movie looks awesome. I could see it sucking and still enjoy every second of it.
  21. John Rambo: Early Trailer

    I am pro ripping out rapists' throats. I am pro John Rambo.
  22. Jessica Biel

    my avi at full size is a better shot of Biel
  23. Chavez, Popeflick.

    loved this scene in Old Boy
  24. Spiderman 3

    I'm a big comic fan and still think spiderman 3 sucked big sweaty balls. it was way too campy and they tried to fit too much into one flick. Take out all of the venom crap and the stupid coincidences that go along with him and you could salvage a decent movie... maybe. the speciall effects were good and the chick that played gwen stacy was pretty hot. btw, what the f*ck happened to spiderman's spidey sense? i know venom cancels it out but he didn't have it when he was fighting Harry or sandman. this movie pisses me off the more i think about it.
  25. Only 18...

    i was think along the same lines