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  1. 2021 Huddle Super Bowl Box Pool

    I will take 8 please
  2. OG Check-In

    Haven't heard atomics name in a long time
  3. OG Check-In

    Still around
  4. I'm outta here. I'm done with FF.

    welcome brack!!!
  5. Greatest American Rock Band

    I thought it was them and then for some reason I thought of the Steve Miller band. Wasn't sure. Springsteen's version is not very good.
  6. Greatest American Rock Band

    Born to Run was out by then. Blinded by the light was actually written and recorded by Springsteen first. Was a flop for him. Recorded by ?? and became a hit for them.
  7. Kids pay 1/2 of their day care

    This gives me an idea. I have quite a few kids that should be able to watch the two year old. I think I'll start charging them the $600 a month I'm paying right now for daycare. I would hesitate to leave an 11 year old home alone on a regular basis. Or maybe yours isn't as curious about how things work as mine were/are
  8. Greatest American Rock Band

    For me, Springsteen. half the songs on my Ipod are his. I've been into most of those groups at one time or other but he one I always listen to is Springsteen. Fantastic in concert as well. I never really got back into VH after seeing them in concert in 83. The whole band was wasted and couldn't get through one song without f'n it up.
  9. I ived in Tennessee for over 3 years. I much prefer California to that heaping pile of dung. At least the majority of the people in California have over 1/2 of their teeth.
  10. Transformers!

    Saw it yesterday. Had no idea about previous storylines. Both my wife and I liked it. Action flick through and through. lot more hughmor then I thought there would be
  11. Official IBL Recruiting Thread

    Where you went wrong was the pic was of you. It should've been a pic of the wife/girlfriend with their shirt off
  12. I gotta ask...

    I had some errands to do at lunch so ran into a Carl's jr. they had 2 machines that took orders/money. No live person to place an order with.
  13. Live Free or Die Hard

    Entertainment weekly named the firs Die Hard as the best action movie ever
  14. Insulin