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  1. Really funny or really bad idea

  2. Really funny or really bad idea

    If you do it we'll never get a write up of it because BC will be dead. I know without a doubt my wife would kill me if I did something like that.
  3. Sean Payton a scab?

    Doesn't bother me. Plenty of football players crossed over. Baseball still blackballs the people who crossed their picket line by not allowing them to be in the union.
  4. Is today a work holiday for you?

    paid holidays here are July 4th, Memorial day, Labor day, Thanksgiving and the day after, Christmas, New Years day.....Think that's it.
  5. Favorite HUDDLE time of year

    At first I was then I thought about it and I was
  6. Favorite HUDDLE time of year

    As with many others, right before the season starts is my favorite time. couple drafts to do, are the dynasty league moves that I did in April/May paying off? and just the anticipation of the season starting.
  7. Funny Cliaz moment today

    That's almost a Seinfield moment. Awesome
  8. Huddle Awards Primer

    You'll win the shortest person in person award for sure.
  9. Funny Radio Report

    I googled the guy and discovered he writes for No wonder I couldn't remember reading him. Automatically makes the guy an idiot.
  10. Funny Radio Report

    Who's Pete Prisco? Love the pandering to the home crowds.
  11. Would love to but that's one too many trips to Vegas. Hitting there for a guys weekend in May and just went to Wcoff without here. My son is playing somewhere out there in early February and if I go again it'll be then. Too bad the times don't align.
  12. My first video game system was:_______

    Had the Atari system. used to love Missle command. I don't have any game systems but my kids do. right now we have N64, Nintendo gamecube, ps2, ps3 and the Wii. handhelds are scattered around. I don't think anybody plays the 64 or the gamecube anymore or the ps2. ps3 plays all those games and the wii plays the older nintendo ones so those are the ones I see being played. I didn't play for probably 6 months and before then I only played sporadically. The last couple weeks I've played about an hour a day with the kids on the ps3 and the Wii. But now that they are back in school haven't played at all.
  13. Political correctness.

    Not sure how a simple Merry Christmas turned into a debate so I'll just say: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!
  14. Poles N Holes II- dynasty league usual starting lineup. Qb- Palmer rb- LJ, Tiki wr- S Smith, Owens, Burress (sometimes used Javon Walker) de- Strahan- Bell lb- Urlacher, Kirk Morrison, Fujita db- Sheppard, Woodson Highest scoring team in the league but also the highest points against. Lost tiebreakers to make the playoffs. Some years, nobody scores against you and other years everybody scores against you.
  15. champ or playing for championship...

    Hannibals: ppr league start 2rb, 2wr 1 te and 1 flex P Manning Alexander Gore Driver A Johnson Ward Des Clark Botnh:ppr league start 1-2rb, 2-3 wr, 1 te Brees Westbrook MHarrison Holt Key Johnson (normally use Horn but not the last couple weeks) Des Clark
  16. Looking for PS3?

    Everything I've read says that the price of the PS3's are coming down as more time passes. You should just sell it to me. I'll even let you beat me in Fusion next year.
  17. NFL Network games

    Doesn't matter to us people who have no local teams.
  18. I saw them a few weeks ago.....good concert... Found out afterwards that Ringo Starrs son is playing drums for them,.
  19. wii

    My oldest brought the one he had out for's a decent system.....the other kids really liked it. Personally, I saw the PS3 displayed at the store and I'm going to wait until those are out in force. I was at Toys r us this past Friday and they had the WII in stock. The guy announced they only had 2 left and I was 2nd in line. I told my wife we should buy one and resale it on ebay but I couldn't do it. The people behind me had 3 boys who really wanted one for Christmas and my kids don't really want one. They want the PS3 so I didn't buy it.
  20. Cable companies vs NFL Network

    I don't have satellite because they don't carry abc, cbs, nbc & fox on it in my area. If I want those I have to get cable or go over the air for them. Too much of a pain. Tried it and it's not worth it.
  21. Who went shopping on "Black Friday"

    Hit Best Buy at 5am and it was a zoo.....but Target wasn't bad at all and the local mall was less busy then if I went there on a regular Saturday. I did a quick check and figure I saved at least $500 on the stuff I bought. I wasn't after any real big ticket item so that helped. I hit Walmart one time years ago and will never go to that store again on Black Friday.
  22. Black Friday.

    I'm not a chick or a metrosexual and I'll be out there. With 6 kids, I've got to go fight the crowds so I can save some serious coin on their gifts. Last year I got a nice laptop for the wife at Best Buy on Black Friday for a very nice price.
  23. Dynasty League Integrity

    You should just let it die Frazia....though it's not about our league anymore. It's about a basketball league. Hey, someone should move it to the other sports section. Then it'll never get read