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  1. CBS Strikes Again!

    I have it on good authority from HOP that BB has always been a homo.
  2. Dane Cook

    Caught the first 15 minutes of his HBO special yesterday. Me and two of my boys were watching and after 15 minutes they looked at me and said, he's a comedian? switched it off right after my daughter came in and said "oh, dane cook, he's a hottie."
  3. Stupid prank Justice

    I like it. No hesitation. just started punching the guy.
  4. New TV Season

    Studio 60 has a really good cast. I thought it was pretty good. I'll give it a couple more tries to see if I stick with it. I actually like Justice is well. I like how you get to see how the person actually was killed at the end. Nice twist. I hope all their clients aren't innocent though. through 3, maybe 4 episodes they all have been innocent. they're defense attorneys. They have to defend a guilty client somewhere along the way.
  5. $1.91

    I thought I got a bargain getting it for 2.82 the other day. I've been meaning to compare the taxes here compared to other places. Keep forgetting.
  6. 2006 Huddle Survivor Challenge Week 3

    Atlanta. And I wouldn't touch this game if I hadn't forgotten.
  7. Vegas arrival

    did your chick friend have an adam's apple???
  8. It mistakes like this that scare me

    Most hospital pharmacies do not allow the vials to be sent to the floors. The ones I've worked at have diluted down the vials that are being sent to the pediatric and neonatal floors. This is done to prevent exactly this circumstance. But human error can't be totally avoided. No matter how hard you try humans are involved and will make mistakes that can end tragically.
  9. ESPN has been pimping the game hard as a matchup of two unbeaten teams. Personally, I'm not looking forward to it much other then the fact it's a football game that I have a good shot at watching.
  10. So do you get the lap dance?

    It was my bachelor party so yeah, I got the lap dance. Figured she couldn't complain as her party was the night before and she definitely got the lap dances. But when it's not my party, I don't get the dance as she always asks me not to.
  11. was the vegas trip a 'mancation'.....

    Must be some other Vegas trip. There were plenty of boobies at the Christian reading room.
  12. 2006 Huddle Survivor Challenge Week 2

    Good job on the prizes. I'll take Baltimore this week.
  13. Older Parents

    This last kid, she was 41 and I was 40. The thing I've noticed is the lack of sleep (he just refuses to sleep through the night, 4 times in 17 months) really affects me now. Oh, that makes her 1 year older then me.
  14. Vegas arrival

    And don't forget that after you said that, the door opened again so they could stare at us. I was thinking of pushing you out and letting them have at you.
  15. Ron Jaworski

    Somebody help me out with my memory lapse. Didn't Vermeil do games when he first retired??
  16. STL Run Defense

    Gore looked very good. I'd be hard pressed to sit him against the d that gave up 10-58 and 15-103 to the Denver rb's.
  17. mistake taking BOLDIN over FITZ?

    I'd take Fitz over him just because of Boldin's past injury history.
  18. Is this cheating?

    I can't believe I spent a few minutes trying to figure out what was wrong with the trade. I figured I was missing something but it turns out it's another case of please protect me from myself 'cause I'm an idiot.
  19. Ron Jaworski

    I liked Jaws. Good analysis and little of the bullcrap. would much prefer him over Theismann.
  20. which huddlers do you want to meet......

    Should we bring the stepstool so you can reach us??
  21. Which Huddlers have you met in person ?

    updating my list after this weekend. Fellow Fusioneers I finally got to meet: Spain, Crispirons, SteelBunz and Big John. What a great group. Chargers from the Faultline league. Leaves 2 people from there that I haven't met. Went to dinner with a group that included Rocknrobin and his lovely wife Carole plus others I already mentioned. Went out with Twiley & Jumping Johnnies and a couple others mentioned above. And I also met Sky's son Slugfear (think that's his name here, never see him on so not sure). I met Godtomsatan, Bushwacked & I like Soup. I might need to edit this later since I'm dragging a bit and I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting somebody. Jeebus. I forgot my roommate Skippy. I think we were roommates at least. Hard to be certain with the amount of time we spent in the room.
  22. WCOFF Friday night

    No,no. Don't want that. I probably won't hit town until around 4 at the earliest. I'll call and see where you guys are and meet ya there. Or TI at 6 works too. I'm driving so it's not a problem tracking you down.
  23. WCOFF Friday night

    I'll call you when I'm a bit out tomorrow sky. See where you guys are at and see if I can meet up. Otherwise I'll see you guys at TI at 1800hrs. I've worked 12 and 13 hours the last two days in order to leave early tomorrow but no my boss just told me I have to have a meeting with some morans at 1100hrs tomorrow. She said she'd do it but she is having lunch with her husband. Say What Willis?????
  24. WCOFF Friday night

    YES!!! I'm going to cooler temperatures.
  25. 2006 NFL Survivor Challenge

    I'll take Philly fanatic please.