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  1. Probably. I was over 4000 and don't recall doing a milestone post. I would like either the joined date or the member number just to help me remember if I've seen someone around. I'm a little forgetful about stuff like that.
  2. WCOFF Friday night

    I don't like flat anything in a strip club.
  3. I'm down with the lessons. This is the first time I'm hitting Vegas for Wcoff without the family. I'm not a big time gambler (too many kids for that) but wouldn't mind learning some new games.
  4. I've only done roulette (not such a fan) and blackjack. I need to learn Craps. some of those tables look like a lot of fun and I heard that has the best odds of the table games.
  5. 1- Diet Coke 2- water 3- coffee might be #1....lemme think on it
  6. How did you find about the the Huddle?

    I did a search one day I think and this site popped up. Can't say I googled it because google wasn't around then.
  7. Volek to the Chargers?

    I'm with Spain. It's not like Volek was an unknown qb to the Titans. Waiting until a week before the season starts to bring in Collins is very odd. Did someone in Tennessee just go "Holy oh poopy, we're about to start the season and Billy Volek is our starting quarterback!!"
  8. WCOFF Friday night

    You showing up at a sportsbook at 10am in Vegas on the opening weekend and you'll be standing without a view of the screens.
  9. WCOFF Friday night

    Not sure if I'm one of Sky's 14 or not. I'm there either way.
  10. WCOFF

    So me and H8 can do some consulting with WW during our draft?? Is there an extra charge for that?
  11. Las Vegas and WCOFF Week 2006.

    Oh. ME, ME, ME!!!!! info sent.
  12. Las Vegas and WCOFF Week 2006.

    Looks like my wife and a few of the kids won't be making the trip. some work stuff came up for her that is making it hard for her to get away that weekend. I'm not sure what to do now. We were going to head up to get there Thursday early evening and head back home on Sunday. I don't know if I want to do that schedule if she won't be there. I can take 1 1/2 days from work. Now which ones to take???
  13. yes - another Mike Bell post

    I was picking 11th in one league and took Bell at 3.11. Went wr/wr the first two rounds. I did pick up T. Bell in the 8th round just in case. Have to start 1rb and my rb's thus far are MBell/TBell/CBrown/LWhite/DWilliams.
  14. F. Gore

    I know. You were saying those are tougher leagues then other leagues. I'm saying that there are some huddle leagues where the owners are going to be as good as the "experts."
  15. On the Subject of Kids TV

    My youngest one (17 months now, where did the time go??), has just started watching television. Right now he watches the disney sing alongs. We have a ton of those from the other kids. And then he watches the Angel games with me. He'll sit there and go "Angels"....brings a tear to my eye. Can't wait for football season. Wonder if he'll be able to say FortyNiners??? Wait, would it be child abuse if I let him watch the 49ers play???
  16. F. Gore

    Now that I'm going to disagree with. There are some huddle leagues here that would have as tough as, if not tougher competition. I've been seeing him go late 3rd, early 4th in most drafts. He must've been WW's guy. He either took him there or he didn't get him. He picked 3.2 and then again at 4.11. He wasn't going to make it back to him
  17. Theisman on T.O.

    He doesn't start practicing soon, Parcells won't let him sniff the playing field opening day.
  18. Congrats on the new gig ya spammer.
  19. Great Shoe Idea

    I need a pair of sneakers. If I got one of these, I'd have a pair of sneakers with his name on them. And I can't stand him. Though this is a cool thing so I might rethink my stance.
  20. I have joined the 4K Club

    Hey, I'm past 4000. course I started a few years before you.
  21. I have joined the 4K Club

    Congrats PD Also checking my post count 'cause I have no idea
  22. So who will feel like Chit in the morning?

    I don't think I have 13 beers in the house at any given time. Be right back..... I have 2 beers. What can I say? I'm a cheap date.
  23. The Huddle / Tailgate - Where are You?

    I'm in. I thought there would be more west coasters......
  24. How the Fatty Has Fallen

    He was listed as the #1 rb in Denver for that span if I recall. Course, I don't anybody who actually believed he would be the starter.
  25. party @ sky's house !

    That looks like a great party. congrats guys. Hey Sky, you bringing some of those steaks to Vegas??? I'll throw a bbq in the back of my truck.